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Not the classic story I was hoping for but still very entertaining nonetheless. Aliens of London had the monsters, the destruction of Big Ben, spectacular UFO footage and best of all, some hilarious moments at the start of the episode involving the Doctor, Rose, Rose's Mum and boyfriend.

When the Doctor announced at one point, he doesn't do domestics, it is a great shame because these moments are a delight to watch and add some real character to not just Rose but the Doctor as well. The opening prelude has a hilarious finish and that is before we get to the slap!

Bringing us back to the world of Rose was a good idea, and you certainly felt the human impact on Rose and her surrounding lifestyle given her disapperance from Earth for a year. The dialogue was very fiery, emotional and sometimes funny.

Some great lines from the Doctor including being 900 years old and not being slapped! It was a great funny and frantic start much in keeping with the first episode. However, I felt that the remainder of the story did not live up to the high standards of "Rose". When you have farting monsters, it makes it kind of easier to understand why a serious film actor like Christopher Eccleston probably decided to walk away from the role - it is hardly going to be one of your glowing achievements on your acting C.V.

I thought this was quite infantile and unnecessary. While it may appeal to children, I kind of cringed . Surely there was another more surreptious way of hinting that these government characters were alien? However, on a good point, the slitting open of the foreheads with zips was truly frightening and much more in keeping with the horror element of the show. Perhaps the silly infantile humour and the horror moments ensures a neat balance but I felt it all got rather silly with the pointless laughter of the alien replacement Prime Minister which seemed like something more out of Austin Powers than Who. And as for the pig escaping, it was hardly scary stuff either. A bit of a low for the series so far as far as I am concerned coupled with the farting.

These elements aside, it was a pretty spectacular episode cliffhanger. I didn't really think there was a need to have a teaser for next week after that as it kind of makes you realise everything will be okay. While some are saying that Eccleston could be the best Doctor of the lot, I think it is fair to say too that Billie Piper's portrayal of Rose is also a high on the companion front. Sassy, funny and suppportive of the Doctor, she is great to watch and becoming a role model for young children. She has a very expressive face and sometimes she just reduces me to giggles with her uncertain looks as the Doctor is getting reprimanded by her mum!

So for me, the best parts were the scenes involving the Doctor, Rose, Rose's Mum and Mickey. The fact that they were all brought into the cliffhanger was good, and it certainly makes me wonder how the good Dr can escape in time for next week's instalment. After the first three slick episodes which I enjoyed immensely, I felt somewhat short-changed by this episode. While it still hit the heights, particularly with the spectacular UFO crashing off Big Ben, I felt it could have been that bit slicker in terms of the Slitheen. After burping wheelie bins, and farting aliens, I am greatly looking forward to the more safer territory of the deadly Daleks. The episode was still fun to watch though and pleasing to long term fans like myself with the nod to UNIT in the episode. The first three episodes have been brilliant but I feel standards slightly slipped tonight.

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