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After 2 reasonably good episodes [ The Unquiet Dead and The End of the World ] I was looking forward to this 2 parter which looked impressive judging by the trailers I'd seen. It starts off quite well but then just goes downhill rapidly and degenerates in to childish schoolboy type humour - with farting aliens and a ridiculous looking pig creature that's obviously a man in a completely unconvincing rubber suit. The farting bits just ruined the story for me - right from the start.

Also annoying is Roses boyfriend - who though not quite as annoying as in the first episode is clearly being used as the comedy relief, even though he's not in the slightest bit funny. Rose and her boyfriend also have these annoying streetwise accents - obviously in an effort to appeal to a dumbed down teenage audience. Some of the bits with the new version of UNIT showed potential but again it was all in vain as any air of menace or urgency was ruined by the poor attempts at humour.

Christopher Ecclestons performance was pretty much the same as in previous episodes but even though he's on top form when he's taking a more serious tone, the manic grins are becoming a bit tedious and I still have trouble believing he's an alien with his obvious Northern accent.

The aliens themselves were bad. Not in an evil sense, but just plain bad. The actual design of the aliens would have been quite spooky - but they just look so obviously like men in cheesy rubber suits that they have a virtually zero scare factor. I think there was one convincing cgi rendered shot of an alien bursting out of it's human disguise, but that's about it.

All in all I'm completely unimpressed by this latest episode and Russell T.Davies just seems to treat the whole thing as camp, childish nonsense with a few feeble attempts at horror and too much slapstick humour. There's hardly any attempt at class or to move the whole thing above the camp whimsical rubbish that was the Sylvester Mcoy era. Some [ and I repeat some ] of the special effects are better than the previous Doctors shows but judging by this latest attempt - camp, unbelievable childishness is still an unfortunate trademark of Doctor Who.

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