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By episode four you would expect a series to begin to settle down and develop a sense of pattern and style. After watching "Aliens of London" I'm becoming increasingly aware that the new series of Doctor Who seems to be developing an identity crisis. Worse, given that seventy-five percent of the episodes so far have been written by the same guy, that Russell T. Davies is developing some kind of crisis!

We went from a victorian episode, one that I willingly admit I was looking forward to seeing least and ultimately enjoyed most. An episode that had the masses, well some of them anyway, comaplaining that it was too gory and violent, straight into a comic farce, complete with ample amounts of flatulence.

If the general public are to have decided by now wether they like the series or not, and after a month you'd expect the audience to settle into it or not by now. It would help if the series settled down too.

I suppose this is in no small way a testament to the diversity this format allows for story-telling. But I felt, especially after last weeks' hard-hitting drama, totally unable to take this episode seriously at all.

The aliens... well all I can say is that they work far better in CGI than they do in foam rubber. By far the best part of this story was the dynamic in the early part of the episode between Rose and her mother (a character I never took to I might add).

I'm looking forward to part two, I think! In the mean time I'm wondering where on Earth, or off it, this series is going. This series is all style and substance but if they don't settle into some kind of continuity of content soon they'll be seriously in danger of antagonising a large part of their audience.

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