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Expectations were indeed very high indeed for this story, especially after the spectacular preview at the end of last weeks episode (my favourite so far), and I felt that in most cases it delivered. The high points of the story for me were the spaceship demolishing Big Ben and the brilliantly executed three in one cliffhanger! The Slitheen were also a remarkably unique alien, with their strange baby like faces I think they are a welcome change to the normal style of alien in SF(trying too hard be to creepy, usually accompanied by vast amounts of snarling). The use of established news reporters such as Andrew Marr was also another wise idea and made the whole thing seem so much more believable.

The obvious low point of the episode for many fans was the farting politicians. I could tolerate this, but did we really need the line I’m shaking my booty ? Aside from that aggravating quote though I can not see that much wrong with the story at all. Aside from what some people I know have said, I think the Slitheen look brilliant, as did the run away pig! Also, am I alone in thinking that the Slitheen looked better when the were CGI, as shown in next weeks preview?

As for the previews of what’s coming up Next Time, surely it would have been better to not to use it after a cliffhanger, especially such a good one? This is because we plainly see that the Doctor is fine and does not get hurt much at all. I feel that the cliffhanger is enough incentive for people to watch next week as they want to see what happens, rather then giving it away in a preview.

But all in all I felt that this was another VERY GOOD episode, worthy of the current series, which has exceeded my expectations. I only hope that the resolution to the story is as good as its opening part. We should also be able to see the preview for Dalek, the most anticipated story yet! I'm sure Robert Shearman has done wonders with those despot dustbins, but dont qoute me on that if it all goes horribly wrong! (Although I'm confident it won’t!)

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