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It was with a huge buzz of excitement that I sat down to watch Aliens of London this evening. I was expecting great things, hideous aliens possessing cabinet ministers, UFO crashes and a good old fashioned invasion of London.

Well that's what we got but why do I feel so disappointed and let down?

Well, in a word it was childish. Yes Doctor Who is a 'kids show that adults love' but does it have to be so ridiculously childish? Burp and fart gags? Russell you can do better.

I can only hope that the alien menace proves to be just that next week now that they are out of their skin and running amok. Fat middle aged politicians laughing about bodily functions is not what I would call terrifying. Where was the horror? Aliens disguised as human politicians could have been done so much better - the acting was terrible and the part where they all share a maniacal laugh together reminded me of the scene from the 60's Batman film with all the villains in it sharing a chuckle at the apparent demise of the dynamic duo.

In the original series the monsters may have at times looked cheap, amusing and completely failed to terrorise anyone but at least they tried. By the time the Slitheen revealed themselves they had lost all credibility. Had they been a lot more sinister while they were disguised as humans it would have had greater impact to me. While they certainly look impressive, I just pray that the Slitheen can make up for the pathetic showing in this episode and give the story some much needed horror and hopefully not turn out to be a batch of baby faced giggling incompetents.

It was interesting to see for the first time, with possibly the exception of 'Survival', the reaction back home of a companion's disappearance. It would be more interesting if Rose's mum and Mickey were actually decent characters. Rose's mum is perhaps not so bad but Mickey was just as bad as he was in 'Rose', is he supposed to be comic relief? If so, he isn't funny and there certainly doesn't need to be any more comic relief, there is so many attempts at humour it detracts from the suspense and excitement.

Still there were some good points, the UNIT presence was good, I don't know why the Doctor had a problem with them not recognising him but never mind. The effects in this episode were fantastic it has to be said, perhaps a bit too CGI'd but when did Doctor Who fans ever care about dodgy effects?

Both the regulars were as good as ever, Billie Piper once again proving any doubters wrong. Eccleston was perhaps less hands on than I'd like to have seen, spending too long on the sidelines at the start of the episode but once he did get off the couch he was as good as ever and proving that he will be missed once he goes.

Oh, and the pig, I really liked the pig.

Seriously, I did..

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