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Having read through the other reviews posted already on the site for this episode I felt the urge to put finger to keypad and add my two penneth...

I, and the others who attend Doctor Who Club as we affectionately call our Saturday night tv and takeaway fest, have fervently avoided information about the new series where possible and for the majority this was the first episode we were seeing fresh as was possible (without hiding in a broom closet for the past year).

When the credits rolled we all looked at each other and just sighed... So much good from the story and really only two complaints - both of which have been mentioned by other reviews - unfortunately in both cases they seem to be fairly central to the story - in otherwords - the Aliens of London. RTD's fascination with breaking wind is marginally worrying and after feeling uncomfortable with one outing in Rose imagine my horror when there displayed on the screen in front of me is a torrent of them. I can imagine my god son et al finding it hilarious and the juxtaposition of the comedy and horror from the two states the Slitheen entertain might affect the younger viewers in a way I can't empathise with but I really worry this is the beginning of a trend... Secondly the protracted appearance of the Slitheen at the end (did we really need to see the whole transformation from all three viewpoints?) ended, for me personally, in bitter disappointment. Initially I was fairly impressed with some of the original ideas (eyes blinking sideways etc.) but the bouncing heads and the obvius difference in style and look between the CGI versions and the physical costumed ones was far too apparent and compared to the stunning realisation of the aliens in The End of the World I really felt these let the side down.

Something inside tells me RTD wants these to be the new recurring enemy, I remember a piece where he said there were some great new monsters who he wanted to make as memorable and repeatable as daleks, cybermen, ice warriors etc. - I just hope these aren't them... Maybe I'm wrong, maybe episode two will make me eat my hat, and believe me, I hope so as despite this blip, the series continues to blow my and everyone I know who watches it mind.

This week's pre credit sequence was just astounding and had us all laughing out loud from the moment we saw the poster to the end of the title sequence - genius... It just goes to demonstrate how the relationship between the main two forges on stronger and stronger - can she trust him or not, just how alien is he, how far can he push her and so on. The arc idea of having them revisit Rose's real life is fantastic (excuse the choice of description - is it just me or does it roll off the tongue a lot more these days, accompanied by the cheesiest grin imaginable) and RTD has really thought about how to approach this idea effectively within the stories.

The pig was a great shock to me and personally I loved it... (Evoking both images of Pigs in Space and those evil Moon Cows - history chooses for me to forget their name - from the DWM comic strip many years ago...) It's always good when you work out the story at the same time as the characters and this was a lot more unpredictable than The End of the World.

Have I mentioned Penelope Wilton - not a lot for her to do and I fear hers is a tragic life, but still well performed and I look forward to seeing what happens to her next week.

All in all, whatever its faults - and remember we are a fickle lot when it comes to our beloved Doctor, this is Doctor Who, and it is being broadcast on a Saturday night on BBC1... We're a more discerning audience and we will find fault in whatever is put in front of us truth be told... I think the only true reviewer of this series can be from the wholly uninformed... And if that is the case then the text I received from my cousin - who has ridiculed me for thirty years now over my love for Doctor Who - is really the best review... It simply read That was excellent. And surely, it's moments and comments like that which make everything alright... (oh and the nearasdammit 10 million other people who seem to enjoy staying in on a Saturday night...) Here's to part two!!!

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