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The secret of watching the new Doctor Who series is simple. If you are perturbed by any scene, any comment,any monster...then just try and think why RTD wanted it there in the fist place. The man knows his stuff. The burping bins, the flatulent aliens that so many old-school viewers will no doubt complain about, are there for the kids. They will love imitating the Slitheen, the ET type creatures in ALIENS OF LONDON. You can imagine, and probably hear, the school playgrounds on Monday morning. And that is the magic of Doctor Who and the magic of RTD.

The star of the new series is not Christopher Eccleston it is Billie Piper. She is a revelation and I love every scene she is in. I knew she had the magic because after the first episode, I wanted to be her friend. I would have been gutted if Billie had left after one series! The scenes between Rose and Jackie are so well written and it is about time we saw the fallout from when a companion just ups and leaves there home.

People have slated Noel Clarke's performance as Mickey, but I think he is at his best when he's trying to act hard, when he so obviously isn't. The special effects, in my opinion, could not have been bettered, and when the alien turned out to be a pig, I was shocked,.disgusted then mortified. RTD made me feel so sorry for the poor creature.

Penelope Wilton and Annette Badland gave first class performances, as they always do - the guest stars have mostly been perfect.

The episode did not seem as fast paced, and I had to keep reminding myself that it was a two parter and we had a cliffhanger coming up. And what a cliffhanger it was, RTD milked it for every drop he could get out, I was literally on the edge of my seat - mainly concerned for Jackie, who I think is played spot-on brilliantly by Camille.

How lucky are we? It is now fashionable to be a Doctor Who fan again!!!

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