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An inspired second part to the Aliens of London saga, with the action less important than the action suggested in the first episode. The Doctor, via mobile phone, worked out which planet the Slitheen originated from, permitting Micky and Rose's mum to escape from the creature imprisoning them in their kitchen.

However, it quickly became apparent that the Slitheen, rather than being a species bent on interplanetary conquest, were a family of aliens intending to destroy the earth for financial gain. The PM therefore submitted a bogus request to the UN to release the access codes to Britain's nuclear missiles, in the hope of starting an intercontinental war and destroying life on Earth. The Doctor, despite being imprisoned together with Rose in 10 Downing Street, suceeded in directiny Micky to the UNIT website, thereby firing a missile from a nuclear submarine which destroyed 10 Downing Street, and the Slitheen invaders as a result.

All in all, an inspired conclusion to the two parter, with Ecclestone showing both comic ability and genuine emotional depth in the part of the Doctor. The new series has taken a while to find its pace and footing, but after the uncertainty of Aliens of London, World War III provided a barn-storming conclusion, with the Doctor triumphant but with a wholly believable human reaction from Rose to her mother and Mickey as well. Hats off to the BBC for another classic episode, and the teasers for the Dalek episode were superb. i can't wait!

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