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I'm not going to flame this episode like I did AoL, mainly because I failed to actually see it, however, as I have reviewed every episode up to now, I thought I would at least leave my thoughts on it and the series so far as AoL and WW3 are part of the same story and I did catch a few clips.

I missed the saturday transmission thanks to a botched video job, the sunday repeat I suddenly discovered I didn't actually care about.

My dad is a long term Who fan (And for the record loves the new series) and owns virtually every serial ever released on VHS or DVD. I have watched many of them over and over and not one serial have I ever got to the middle of a story and thought this is too terrible or simply too boring to continue. However this was what I felt for WW3. I already knew that everyone survives because of the great big cliffhanger clunker from last week. I knew that the Doctor would win in the end, he always does, the draw is how, what dilemma will he have to work out.

But in the end I found something more interesting to spend 45 mins of my time on. I occasionally wandered into the sitting room where it was showing, so I know that the Slitheen were blown up, they were trying to nuclear fry the planet to sell off as a power source (Surely stars are giant nuclear power sources? and are far more plentiful around the galaxy, and usually are already in a pretty useful position in their positional relationship to planets? Or am I being pedantic? anyway it was The Pirate Planet by another name) that Mickey did something heroic and that Noel Clarke is, despite all the evidence so far given, an actor, possibly because he was given some nice bits at the end which required him to act, rather than fall over in a mildly (un)comic manner.

Oh yes, and the Doctor blew up the rubber monsters. hurrah.

The trailer for Dalek, looked to be a return to form, and for me a welcome return to form. It will be great to see a third writer approach the series.

Looking over the reviews for AoL there seem to be three main distinctions. People who loved it, People who liked it but disliked the farting and people such as myself who feel that RTD has introduced elements to the show that are frankly sacriligious.

The people who enjoyed the show no doubt believe that we should just accept farts and Britney Spears because its a kids show. Lets just correct this little misunderstanding. Dr. Who was, in the beginning, an educational show, a show to teach children. Eventually it ran for so long that those original kids grew up. To those of us who grew up with the Doctor, he is a lifelong companion and while there are some people who watch Doctor Who for entertainment pure and simple, most of us really truly care about the show (as the actors used to) and to see it descend into the realm of two year old humour that marked last week's show, and frankly marks a full lack of ideas, does hurt. The Doctor was never just for the kids.

It hurt so much that for the first time in my life I couldn't have cared less about an episode. I could have watched it, given a comprehensive review and hoped in vain that the constructive criticism from this site somehow filtered down to the people making the next series. But this story (Both episodes), I don't care about. Well done RTD, you've turned Doctor Who back into a tv show that was as give and take as the A Team or Mork and Mindy. Nice for it's time but nothing to really get our teeth into, nothing to really enjoy that can't be found on Eastenders or Star Trek. This one story set Who back 898 years, so whatever other reviewers may take from this episode its about as relevant to me as missing an episode of ST Enterprise, or Neighbours. Quite inconsequential

Several people are suggesting that RTD get an editor. Most definitely, or better still promote him out of the writing process, let better skilled and more constrained writers such as Mark Gatiss take over.

I'll be watching Dalek, how could I not. But I don't know if I'll be watching any more RTD scripted eps. There were good things to take from EotW, and even one or two from Rose. Almost everything about this storyline was cringeworthy however and I suspet he's lost a lot more fans than he's won. It's certainly gonna have to take something incredible to win me back as a regular viewer.

Any chance the DVD will not have this story on it?

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