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This is my first review, so I'd like to make a few general points first. It's great that the series is back, and I love the arrangement of the theme - it gives it a certain power and drive, that works well, though I am disappointed that the end theme is so truncated; I would love to hear the full version to this arrangement. The opening sequence itself is simply brilliant; the graphics are top notch!. When Billie was announced as Rose, I was sceptical, but she is already turning out to be one of the best and most three dimensional companions that I can recall. Christopher as the doctor is starting to grow on me; he is still a bit uneven, but he is a very adept actor, who is managing to add great depth to the doctor. I do find his "fantastic!"'s a bit wearing though. There is a certain hardness to his doctor that I like, we don't yet know the story behind the extinction (!?) of the time lords, but we see glimpses of how this has affected him. The Tardis set is, in itself, very impressive, but I'm afraid I hate it; it's not the Tardis I know and love.

World War Three was actually not a bad episode. I have the advantage of watching this series with my 7 year old son ( the age group aimed at, it would appear), and while he was scared of the Slitheen the previous week, he appeared not too bothered this week, though I think it was the unzipping scenes that got him. The plot itself petered out about half way through the episode, but the character development was good. There were some nice gags peppered about, the best being the doctor being held at gunpoint before backing into the lift, and "you kiss this man!". The Slitheen themselves were a disappointment; I groaned last week at the return of the 'extras running about in silly rubber suits'; the CGI scenes worked much better. I expect money limited the use of CGI. This is perhaps why the suits were thankfully not seen as much, and when they were, they tended not to move about.

The farting was overused and tedious, and is an example of why I'm not convinced that RTD is the great writer everyone seems to think he is. I will concede though that he is much better at character development than he is plot development. The interchanges between Mickey and the doctor were the highlight of the episode, closely followed by Rose and her mum. The doctor not being able to promise that Rose will be safe was very well done, adding realism and depth; life does not always have a happy ending.

I was surprised at a glaring oversight; the scene where the Tardis is being cleaned. The doctor looks out and you can clearly see the side of the police box, even though the doors are directly linked to the interior. Sloppy. The sonic screwdriver was overused, and the doctor seems to rely on it too much. Is it me, or does that particular prop seem to change from week to week?

The series is still finding its feet, and it shows, but there is a lot to commend it; its a shame that we won't get to see Christopher develop over a second season, as I think that would have been very interesting. Hopefully David will last longer, mainly because the doctor is reaching his limit on regenerations!

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