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It’s reassuring to see how well the hide-and-seek element of DR. WHO has adapted to the 21st Century. In time-honoured tradition, Rose wasn’t the only one to hide behind the sofa. It was too much for my cousin’s son. Daddy had to switch it off, tape it and watch it later. However, Part 1 of this two-episode story had this 4-year-old excitedly explaining to his gran how the men in suits unzipped their foreheads “and then a monster popped out”.

The Slitheens’ hideous scheme to provoke war and reduce Earth to a spaceship-fuelling slagheap was as inventive as the Daleks’ machinations for Earth in 2164. It gladdened the heart to see The Doctor & Rose taking pot-shots at weapons of (mass) destruction and Blair. I’m sure Mickey fulfilled a dream of many in this country these last two years when he successfully blew Downing Street up with a missile.

Having said that, I’m not sure about another three-term female PM. I don’t think we’ve quite got over the last, although WHO got Thatcher (or Williams) in the top job four years before it happened, when The Brigadier addressed the PM as “Ma’am” over the phone. It looks as if The Doctor may have the ear of the future Prime Minister in stories to come, in a way Jack Bauer of the hit US thriller series had with President Palmer.

Since the BBC have gone to the trouble of issuing a U.N.I.T. website, which featured in the programme, I’m crossing my fingers for more of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce as the new series progresses.

I was hoping Rose would stay a bit longer with Jackie & Mickey and curb The Doctor’s impatience to be off, but I guess that’s to come. I was also hoping the TARDIS would reappear ten seconds later, so Rose could tell her Mum she’d just been off on some crazy adventure, but you can never rely on the TARDIS’ navigation to that degree. It worked better as it played - because we all know what The Doctor & Rose are going to face next week....

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