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The impossible girl:
Clara Oswald is the impossible girl. The woman 'twice dead'. One of the most enigmatic figures the Doctor has ever encountered. It was a leaf that brought her parents together... a single leaf that fluttered into someone's face and set in motion a string of events that has involved so much love, heartache, adventure and mystery... ´╗┐Now it is Clara who holds the key to so many events throughout all the Doctor's life times.

Not in the name of The Doctor
Clara lands in a dark, misty and cavernous place. As she stands up, various incarnations of the Doctor run past her on all sides. She hears the voice of the Eleventh Doctor talking to her towards a safe reunion. As they embrace, however, the Doctor notices a shadowy figure standing nearby. His smile melts away and is replaced with intense fear. Clara notices the figure, but does not recognise him, despite having thought she'd seen all of the Doctor's faces...