Doctor Doctor Who Guide

The two Doctors chase a Cybershade
The two Doctors capture a track a timorous beasty or cybershade across the roof tops of a Victorian London. Luckily Rosita is on hand to save them. But why doesn't the next Doctor remember his past incarnation?

Miss Hartigan and the Cybermen
Christmas Eve, 1851: The Time Lord lands in a London threatened by cybermen, meeting another character who calls himself the Doctor.

Miss Hartigan confronts the Doctor and Rosita.
The Doctor and Rosita are confronted by Miss Hartigan and two Cybermen as they attempt to break into one of the workhouses. The Doctor is to be deleted and a new saviour to rise but where is Jackson Lake?

Flashbacks of an encounter with the Cybermen
The discovery of info-stamps at the home of the late Reverend Fairchild leads to the other Doctor experiencing flashbacks of his encounter with the Cybermen. As the Cybermen confront the two Doctors, can he remember how he escaped before?

The Next Doctor realises he is not a Time Lord
As the bells ring out on Christmas Day, the other Doctor brands himself a lie with the realisation that he is not the Doctor. He is in fact Jackson Lake but he did encounter the Cybermen... and why did he arrive in London with so much luggage?

The Cyberking rises from the River Thames
The Doctor and Jackson escape to the streets as the mighty CyberKing rises from the River Thames and towers above London its time for the TARDIS to make its maiden flight 

The Doctor Vs. The Cyber King
The Doctor, aboard the TARDIS balloon, confronts Miss Hartigan in the CyberKing.

Credit: BBC Worldwide