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Tom Baker on being Doctor Who
In this event Justin Johnson leads a discussion with actors Tom Baker and Louise Jameson and producer Philip Hinchcliffe on the era of the Fourth Doctor, and the making of The Robots of Death.

Doctor Who Stamp Collection Revealed
The BBC Breakfast team take a look at the commemorative Doctor Who 50th anniversary stamp collection released by Royal Mail.

In this exclusive clip from new documentary Interview With The Time Lord, Tom Baker discusses the complicated emotions around regeneration, and how -- when they meet at conventions -- the Doctors are all terribly polite to one another.

In conversation with Tom Baker
To mark his 80th birthday on 20 January 2014, the Doctor Who website presents a series of features saluting one of Doctor Who's most enduring and engaging icons, the mighty Tom Baker! In this video, Tom Baker discusses playing the Doctor and his return, in 2013, to Doctor Who in the 50th anniversary special - The Day of the Doctor.

Credit: BBC Worldwide