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On This Day (USA) - 14 September

The Mind Robber: Episode 1 premiered on BBC One in 1968 at 5:17pm, watched by 6.60 million viewers.

The Doctor activates an emergency unit on board the TARDIS to escape destruction by a volcanic eruption.

Unfortunately, it moves them out of normal space and time to a deadly world where fantasy rules. The travelers find themselves lured out of the ship into a ghostly white void.

Time and the Rani: Part Two premiered on BBC One in 1987 at 7:34pm, watched by 4.20 million viewers.

Blink premiered on SyFy (East Coast Feed) in 2007 at 8:00pm

Mastermind: 2012/2013 Episode 5 premiered on BBC2 (England, Scotland) in 2012 at 8:00pm
John Humphrys puts the questions to four more contenders. Tonight's topics include Doctor Who, 1963 - 1989; The story of Moses in the King James Bible; the history and geography of Arkansas; and Terry Venables.

Jenny T Colgan will be 46 - 5 credits, including Writer for Time Reaver(BF)

Niall Greig Fulton will be 48 - credited as Gideon Vandaleur in The Wedding of River Song

James Weber Brown will be 47 - credited as Minister in In The Forest Of The Night

James Weber Brown was born in Cuckfield, West Sussex, England. He is an actor, known for The Oxford Murders (2008), Fast Freddie, the Widow and Me (2011) and Tower Block (2012).

Gary Powell will be 55 - credited as Dev Ashton in 42

Gary Cady will be 59 - credited as Luke Ward in The Mark of the Rani

Gary Cady is a British actor. 

He played Luke Ward in the 1985 Doctor Who television story The Mark of the Rani.

He has appeared in the television series Brass (1983), Fairly Secret Army (1984) Leaving (1984), as well as a number of TV miniseries.

Duncan Brown (died 2015) - 4 credits, including Studio Lighting for Genesis of the Daleks

Angus Lennie (died 2014 aged 84) - 2 credits, including Storr in The Ice Warriors

Angus Lennie is a Scottish actor best known for his film appearance as Steve McQueen's friend Archibald Ives in the 1963 film The Great Escape. 

He appeared in the Doctor Who stories The Ice Warriors and Terror of the Zygons.

He was also known for being in the television soap opera Crossroads.

Other TV credits include: The Saint, The Borderers, Z Cars, Rumpole of the Bailey, Lovejoy, The Onedin Line, All Night Long, Keeping Up Appearances and Monarch of the Glen.

His film appearances include: 633 Squadron, Tunes of Glory, Oh! What a Lovely War and a significant role in The Great Escape as the diminutive serial escaper Flying Officer Archibald Ives (nicknamed The Mole).

He has appeared in many stage productions including A Midsummer Night's Dream and pantomimes.

Robert Demeger (died 2014 aged 63) - credited as Preacher in The Shakespeare Code

Robert Demeger trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama. In theatre he appeared in several roles for the Kick Theatre under Warner, including King Lear in the 1985 adaptation at the Almeida Theatre and later in Jew of Malta at the same venue, as well as several roles in productions with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. He also appeared three times in The Woman in Black, and played Neville Chamberlain in Three Days in May.

In television he had roles in a number of crime dramas, including Inspector Morse, Wycliffe, The Bill and even The Thin Blue Line. Other roles included Einstein in Dark Matters, Malcolm Lyon in The Hour, and his appearance in Doctor Who as The Preacher in The Shakespeare Code.
Films he appeared in included Wuthering Heights, Orlando and The Young Poisoner's Handbook.

Diagnosed with brain cancer, Demeger undertook a revolutionary form of immune therapy from the United States, becoming the first European patient to do so; however, treatment was found not to work in his case.

Peter Ling (died 2006 aged 80) - 2 credits, including Writer for The Mind Robber
Peter Ling was a British writer for television and a novelist.

Ling was born in Croydon, Surrey, England, in 1926. He started writing while in the army during World War II, and honed his craft while spending two years in a sanatorium recovering from tuberculosis. Success on radio led to him becoming a script editor and Head of Children's Series for Associated-Rediffusion. Ling later co-created with Hazel Adair the soap opera Compact. He went on to create, again with Hazel Adair, the long running soap opera Crossroads. Ling also wrote scripts for programmes such as Dixon of Dock Green, The Avengers (the episodes Ashes of Roses, Dance with Death, and Box of Tricks), Sexton Blake, and Doctor Who.

Peter Ling published several novels, including the novelisation of The Mind Robber for Target Books. In the late 1950s and early 1960s he wrote stories for the Eagle comic.