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Episode Title⇧ DateTimeLengthRatingShareAIChart
401Revenge of the Cybermen: Part FourSat10 May 19756:30pm00:23:219.40m5822
402Terror of the Zygons: Part OneSat30 Aug 19755:46pm00:21:418.40m5929
403Terror of the Zygons: Part TwoSat6 Sep 19755:45pm00:25:086.10m61
404Terror of the Zygons: Part ThreeSat13 Sep 19755:46pm00:24:098.20m5432
405Terror of the Zygons: Part FourSat20 Sep 19755:22pm00:25:227.20m45
406Planet of Evil: Part OneSat27 Sep 19755:45pm00:24:0210.40m5619
407Planet of Evil: Part TwoSat4 Oct 19755:46pm00:22:309.90m24
408Planet of Evil: Part ThreeSat11 Oct 19756:07pm00:23:509.10m5729
409Planet of Evil: Part FourSat18 Oct 19755:46pm00:23:4310.10m5426
410Pyramids of Mars: Part OneSat25 Oct 19755:47pm00:25:2210.50m28
411Pyramids of Mars: Part TwoSat1 Nov 19755:48pm00:23:5311.30m15
412Pyramids of Mars: Part ThreeSat8 Nov 19755:46pm00:24:329.40m37
413Pyramids of Mars: Part FourSat15 Nov 19755:45pm00:24:5211.70m6022
414The Android Invasion: Part OneSat22 Nov 19755:47pm00:24:2111.90m5817
415The Android Invasion: Part TwoSat29 Nov 19755:45pm00:24:3011.30m24
416The Android Invasion: Part ThreeSat6 Dec 19755:46pm00:24:5012.10m14
417The Android Invasion: Part FourSat13 Dec 19755:56pm00:24:3011.40m15
418The Brain of Morbius: Part OneSat3 Jan 19765:56pm00:25:259.50m30
419The Brain of Morbius: Part TwoSat10 Jan 19765:47pm00:24:469.30m32
420The Brain of Morbius: Part ThreeSat17 Jan 19765:45pm00:25:0710.10m5723
421The Brain of Morbius: Part FourSat24 Jan 19765:55pm00:24:1810.20m28
422The Seeds of Doom: Part OneSat31 Jan 19766:00pm00:24:1011.40m5916
423The Seeds of Doom: Part TwoSat7 Feb 19765:31pm00:24:0911.40m30
424The Seeds of Doom: Part ThreeSat14 Feb 19765:56pm00:24:5110.30m32
425The Seeds of Doom: Part FourSat21 Feb 19765:46pm00:24:4611.10m23
426The Seeds of Doom: Part FiveSat28 Feb 19765:47pm00:25:069.90m26
427The Seeds of Doom: Part SixSat6 Mar 19765:47pm00:21:5111.50m15
428The Masque of Mandragora: Part OneSat4 Sep 19766:12pm00:24:318.30m5840
429The Masque of Mandragora: Part TwoSat11 Sep 19766:07pm00:24:449.80m5622
430The Masque of Mandragora: Part ThreeSat18 Sep 19766:11pm00:24:349.20m29
431The Masque of Mandragora: Part FourSat25 Sep 19766:12pm00:24:4510.60m5623
432The Hand Of Fear: Part OneSat2 Oct 19766:11pm00:24:5010.50m24
433The Hand Of Fear: Part TwoSat9 Oct 19765:50pm00:24:4810.20m29
434The Hand Of Fear: Part ThreeSat16 Oct 19766:07pm00:24:2211.10m6220
435The Hand Of Fear: Part FourSat23 Oct 19766:02pm00:25:0012.00m19
436The Deadly Assassin: Part OneSat30 Oct 19766:09pm00:21:1311.80m15
437The Deadly Assassin: Part TwoSat6 Nov 19766:04pm00:24:4412.10m5911
438The Deadly Assassin: Part ThreeSat13 Nov 19766:07pm00:24:2013.00m12
439The Deadly Assassin: Part FourSat20 Nov 19766:07pm00:24:3011.80m6112
440The Face of Evil: Part OneSat1 Jan 19776:22pm00:24:5810.70m6123
441The Face of Evil: Part TwoSat8 Jan 19776:29pm00:24:5811.10m19
442The Face of Evil: Part ThreeSat15 Jan 19776:22pm00:24:4011.30m5920
443The Face of Evil: Part FourSat22 Jan 19776:26pm00:24:4611.70m6019
444The Robots of Death: Part OneSat29 Jan 19776:20pm00:24:0612.10m6214
445The Robots of Death: Part TwoSat5 Feb 19776:22pm00:24:1512.40m17
446The Robots of Death: Part ThreeSat12 Feb 19776:18pm00:23:5113.10m15
447The Robots of Death: Part FourSat19 Feb 19776:25pm00:23:4212.60m5718
448The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part OneSat26 Feb 19776:32pm00:24:4411.30m16
449The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part TwoSat5 Mar 19776:37pm00:24:269.80m28
450The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part ThreeSat12 Mar 19776:31pm00:21:5610.20m22
451The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part FourSat19 Mar 19776:31pm00:24:3011.40m6021
452The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part FiveSat26 Mar 19776:30pm00:24:4910.10m18
453The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part SixSat2 Apr 19776:30pm00:23:269.30m5832
454Horror of Fang Rock: Part OneSat3 Sep 19776:17pm00:24:106.80m5852
455Horror of Fang Rock: Part TwoSat10 Sep 19776:15pm00:24:107.10m51
456Horror of Fang Rock: Part ThreeSat17 Sep 19776:17pm00:23:129.80m6023
457Horror of Fang Rock: Part FourSat24 Sep 19776:16pm00:23:129.90m5728
458The Invisible Enemy: Part OneSat1 Oct 19776:20pm00:23:098.60m40
459The Invisible Enemy: Part TwoSat8 Oct 19776:04pm00:25:137.30m55
460The Invisible Enemy: Part ThreeSat15 Oct 19776:13pm00:23:287.50m65
461The Invisible Enemy: Part FourSat22 Oct 19776:12pm00:21:228.30m6050
462Image of the Fendahl: Part OneSat29 Oct 19776:11pm00:24:386.70m70
463Image of the Fendahl: Part TwoSat5 Nov 19776:10pm00:24:447.50m7554
464Image of the Fendahl: Part ThreeSat12 Nov 19776:06pm00:24:227.90m63
465Image of the Fendahl: Part FourSat19 Nov 19776:13pm00:20:329.10m6146
466The Sun Makers: Part OneSat26 Nov 19776:07pm00:24:598.50m48
467The Sun Makers: Part TwoSat3 Dec 19776:05pm00:24:579.50m6236
468The Sun Makers: Part ThreeSat10 Dec 19776:05pm00:24:578.90m35
469The Sun Makers: Part FourSat17 Dec 19776:08pm00:24:578.40m5942
470Underworld: Part OneSat7 Jan 19786:24pm00:22:368.90m6550
471Underworld: Part TwoSat14 Jan 19786:26pm00:21:279.10m37
472Underworld: Part ThreeSat21 Jan 19786:30pm00:22:218.90m37
473Underworld: Part FourSat28 Jan 19786:29pm00:23:0311.70m27
474The Invasion of Time: Part OneSat4 Feb 19786:25pm00:25:0011.20m5628
475The Invasion of Time: Part TwoSat11 Feb 19786:24pm00:25:0011.40m29
476The Invasion of Time: Part ThreeSat18 Feb 19786:24pm00:25:009.50m47
477The Invasion of Time: Part FourSat25 Feb 19786:25pm00:23:3110.90m28
478The Invasion of Time: Part FiveSat4 Mar 19786:26pm00:25:0010.30m32
479The Invasion of Time: Part SixSat11 Mar 19786:25pm00:25:549.80m35
480The Ribos Operation: Part OneSat2 Sep 19785:44pm00:25:028.30m5942
481The Ribos Operation: Part TwoSat9 Sep 19786:21pm00:24:468.10m36
482The Ribos Operation: Part ThreeSat16 Sep 19786:31pm00:24:427.90m38
483The Ribos Operation: Part FourSat23 Sep 19786:21pm00:24:508.20m6736
484The Pirate Planet: Part OneSat30 Sep 19786:22pm00:25:059.10m6130
485The Pirate Planet: Part TwoSat7 Oct 19786:21pm00:25:307.40m52
486The Pirate Planet: Part ThreeSat14 Oct 19786:21pm00:25:478.20m6444
487The Pirate Planet: Part FourSat21 Oct 19786:22pm00:25:168.40m6446
488The Stones of Blood: Part OneSat28 Oct 19786:24pm00:24:208.60m38
489The Stones of Blood: Part TwoSat4 Nov 19786:22pm00:23:536.60m75
490The Stones of Blood: Part ThreeSat11 Nov 19786:21pm00:24:279.30m38
491The Stones of Blood: Part FourSat18 Nov 19786:23pm00:23:077.60m6766
492The Androids of Tara: Part OneSat25 Nov 19786:22pm00:24:538.50m45
493The Androids of Tara: Part TwoSat2 Dec 19786:21pm00:24:2710.10m6530
494The Androids of Tara: Part ThreeSat9 Dec 19786:21pm00:23:528.90m38
495The Androids of Tara: Part FourSat16 Dec 19786:19pm00:24:499.00m6645
496The Power of Kroll: Part OneSat23 Dec 19786:17pm00:23:166.50m85
497The Power of Kroll: Part TwoSat30 Dec 19786:30pm00:23:5712.40m26
498The Power of Kroll: Part ThreeSat6 Jan 19796:27pm00:21:568.90m51
499The Power of Kroll: Part FourSat13 Jan 19796:27pm00:21:589.90m6331
500The Armageddon Factor: Part OneSat20 Jan 19796:25pm00:24:397.50m6593