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Episode Title⇩ DateTimeLengthRatingShareAIChart
701The Moonbase: Episode 3Sat25 Feb 19675:50pm00:26:118.20m5349
702The Moonbase: Episode 2Sat18 Feb 19675:51pm00:24:428.90m4936
703The Moonbase: Episode 1Sat11 Feb 19675:50pm00:24:128.10m5056
704The Underwater Menace: Episode 4Sat4 Feb 19675:50pm00:23:207.00m4765
705The Underwater Menace: Episode 3Sat28 Jan 19675:51pm00:24:097.10m4559
706The Underwater Menace: Episode 2Sat21 Jan 19675:51pm00:25:007.50m4664
707The Underwater Menace: Episode 1Sat14 Jan 19675:49pm00:24:188.30m4843
708The Highlanders: Episode 4Sat7 Jan 19675:50pm00:24:197.30m4766
709The Highlanders: Episode 3Sat31 Dec 19665:52pm00:22:547.40m4668
710The Highlanders: Episode 2Sat24 Dec 19665:50pm00:23:416.80m4689
711The Highlanders: Episode 1Sat17 Dec 19665:48pm00:24:386.70m4767
712The Power of the Daleks: Episode SixSat10 Dec 19665:51pm00:23:467.80m4737
713The Power of the Daleks: Episode FiveSat3 Dec 19665:51pm00:23:388.00m4848
714The Power of the Daleks: Episode FourSat26 Nov 19665:49pm00:24:237.80m4750
715The Power of the Daleks: Episode ThreeSat19 Nov 19665:51pm00:23:317.50m4452
716The Power of the Daleks: Episode TwoSat12 Nov 19665:49pm00:24:297.80m4550
717The Power of the Daleks: Episode OneSat5 Nov 19665:49pm00:25:437.90m4344
718The Tenth Planet: Episode 4Sat29 Oct 19665:50pm00:24:027.50m4748
719The Tenth Planet: Episode 3Sat22 Oct 19665:54pm00:23:317.60m4846
720The Tenth Planet: Episode 2Sat15 Oct 19665:50pm00:23:156.40m4857
721The Tenth Planet: Episode 1Sat8 Oct 19665:52pm00:23:085.50m5077
722The Smugglers: Episode 4Sat1 Oct 19665:51pm00:23:374.50m43109
723The Smugglers: Episode 3Sat24 Sep 19665:49pm00:23:554.20m4396
724The Smugglers: Episode 2Sat17 Sep 19665:54pm00:24:274.90m4577
725The Smugglers: Episode 1Sat10 Sep 19665:49pm00:24:364.30m4796
726The War Machines: Episode 4Sat16 Jul 19665:16pm00:23:115.50m3967
727The War Machines: Episode 3Sat9 Jul 19665:35pm00:23:585.30m4462
728The War Machines: Episode 2Sat2 Jul 19666:56pm00:24:004.70m4576
729The War Machines: Episode 1Sat25 Jun 19665:35pm00:24:015.40m4971
730The Savages: Episode 4Sat18 Jun 19665:35pm00:24:414.50m4893
731The Savages: Episode 3Sat11 Jun 19665:34pm00:24:595.00m4866
732The Savages: Episode 2Sat4 Jun 19665:34pm00:23:575.60m4950
733The Savages: Episode 1Sat28 May 19665:36pm00:23:414.80m4862
734The Gunfighters: The O.K. CorralSat21 May 19665:51pm00:23:535.70m3060
735The Gunfighters: Johnny RingoSat14 May 19665:55pm00:23:526.20m3651
736The Gunfighters: Don't Shoot the PianistSat7 May 19665:49pm00:23:476.60m3945
737The Gunfighters: A Holiday for the DoctorSat30 Apr 19665:50pm00:23:486.50m4550
738The Celestial Toymaker: The Final TestSat23 Apr 19665:50pm00:23:577.80m4336
739The Celestial Toymaker: The Dancing FloorSat16 Apr 19665:49pm00:24:109.40m4432
740The Celestial Toymaker: The Hall of DollsSat9 Apr 19665:50pm00:24:458.00m4949
741The Celestial Toymaker: The Celestial ToyroomSat2 Apr 19665:50pm00:24:408.00m4844
742The Ark: The BombSat26 Mar 19665:15pm00:24:377.30m5071
743The Ark: The ReturnSat19 Mar 19665:15pm00:24:196.20m5185
744The Ark: The PlagueSat12 Mar 19665:15pm00:25:006.90m5670
745The Ark: The Steel SkySat5 Mar 19665:15pm00:24:005.50m55102
746The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve: Bell of DoomSat26 Feb 19665:15pm00:25:065.80m5394
747The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve: Priest of DeathSat19 Feb 19665:15pm00:24:335.90m4992
748The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve: The Sea BeggarSat12 Feb 19665:15pm00:24:436.00m5296
749The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve: War of GodSat5 Feb 19665:15pm00:24:518.00m5245
750The Daleks' Master Plan: The Destruction of TimeSat29 Jan 19665:50pm00:23:318.60m5739
751The Daleks' Master Plan: The Abandoned PlanetSat22 Jan 19665:50pm00:24:349.80m4935
752The Daleks' Master Plan: Escape SwitchSat15 Jan 19665:50pm00:23:379.50m5037
753The Daleks' Master Plan: Golden DeathSat8 Jan 19665:50pm00:24:389.20m5243
754The Daleks' Master Plan: VolcanoSat1 Jan 19665:51pm00:24:429.60m4931
755The Daleks' Master Plan: The Feast of StevenSat25 Dec 19656:35pm00:24:367.90m3971
756The Daleks' Master Plan: Coronas of the SunSat18 Dec 19655:48pm00:24:459.10m5640
757The Daleks' Master Plan: Counter PlotSat11 Dec 19655:51pm00:24:039.90m5326
758The Daleks' Master Plan: The TraitorsSat4 Dec 19655:50pm00:24:429.50m5134
759The Daleks' Master Plan: Devil's PlanetSat27 Nov 19655:50pm00:24:3010.30m5229
760The Daleks' Master Plan: Day of ArmageddonSat20 Nov 19655:50pm00:24:259.80m5231
761The Daleks' Master Plan: The Nightmare BeginsSat13 Nov 19655:50pm00:22:559.10m5435
762The Myth Makers: Horse of DestructionSat6 Nov 19655:50pm00:24:258.30m5238
763The Myth Makers: Death of a SpySat30 Oct 19655:49pm00:25:398.70m4933
764The Myth Makers: Small Prophet, Quick ReturnSat23 Oct 19655:49pm00:24:438.10m5140
765The Myth Makers: Temple of SecretsSat16 Oct 19655:50pm00:24:458.30m4834
766Mission to the UnknownSat9 Oct 19655:50pm00:24:428.30m5437
767Galaxy 4: The Exploding PlanetSat2 Oct 19655:50pm00:24:479.90m5320
768Galaxy 4: Air LockSat25 Sep 19655:52pm00:24:1911.30m5413
769Galaxy 4: Trap of SteelSat18 Sep 19655:50pm00:24:519.50m5422
770Galaxy 4: Four Hundred DawnsSat11 Sep 19655:41pm00:22:219.00m5623
771The Time Meddler: CheckmateSat24 Jul 19655:40pm00:24:008.30m5424
772The Time Meddler: A Battle of WitsSat17 Jul 19655:40pm00:24:107.70m5328
773The Time Meddler: The Meddling MonkSat10 Jul 19655:39pm00:25:178.80m4919
774The Time Meddler: The WatcherSat3 Jul 19656:54pm00:24:058.90m5715
775The Chase: The Planet of DecisionSat26 Jun 19655:40pm00:26:299.50m577
776The Chase: The Death of Doctor WhoSat19 Jun 19655:41pm00:23:279.00m5611
777The Chase: Journey into TerrorSat12 Jun 19655:40pm00:23:499.50m548
778The Chase: Flight Through EternitySat5 Jun 19655:46pm00:25:329.00m5512
779The Chase: The Death of TimeSat29 May 19655:40pm00:23:329.50m5612
780The Chase: The ExecutionersSat22 May 19655:41pm00:25:2510.00m5714
781The Space Museum: The Final PhaseSat15 May 19655:40pm00:22:158.50m4927
782The Space Museum: The SearchSat8 May 19656:00pm00:23:338.50m5622
783The Space Museum: The Dimensions of TimeSat1 May 19655:54pm00:22:009.20m5323
784The Space MuseumSat24 Apr 19655:41pm00:23:3810.50m6116
785The Crusade: The WarlordsSat17 Apr 19655:40pm00:23:409.50m4927
786The Crusade: The Wheel of FortuneSat10 Apr 19655:41pm00:24:519.00m4932
787The Crusade: The Knight of JaffaSat3 Apr 19655:42pm00:23:288.50m5029
788The Crusade: The LionSat27 Mar 19655:42pm00:24:5610.50m5116
789The Web Planet: The CentreSat20 Mar 19655:55pm00:24:3211.50m4214
790The Web Planet: InvasionSat13 Mar 19655:40pm00:26:0412.00m4812
791The Web Planet: Crater of NeedlesSat6 Mar 19655:39pm00:25:5013.00m499
792The Web Planet: Escape to DangerSat27 Feb 19655:40pm00:22:5212.50m5311
793The Web Planet: The ZarbiSat20 Feb 19655:40pm00:23:2012.50m5312
794The Web PlanetSat13 Feb 19655:40pm00:23:5713.50m567
795The Romans: InfernoSat6 Feb 19655:40pm00:23:0912.00m5013
796The Romans: ConspiracySat30 Jan 19655:39pm00:26:1810.00m5028
797The Romans: All Roads Lead to RomeSat23 Jan 19655:40pm00:23:1411.50m5115
798The Romans: The Slave TradersSat16 Jan 19655:40pm00:24:1413.00m537
799The Rescue: Desperate MeasuresSat9 Jan 19655:41pm00:24:3613.00m598
800The Rescue: The Powerful EnemySat2 Jan 19655:40pm00:26:1512.00m5711