DoctorDoctor Who Guide

Season 18 (1980-1981)

The Leisure Hive

Last updated 18 July 2015

Tom BakerDoctor Who
Lalla WardRomana
Adrienne CorriMena
Laurence PayneMorix
John ColinBrock
David HaigPangol
Nigel LambertHardin
Martin FiskVargos
Roy MontagueGuide
Ian TalbotKlout
John LeesonVoice of K-9
Harriet ReynoldsTannoy Voice
Norman BradleyHolidaymaker
Graham ColeSquash Player
Mitchell HornerSquash Player
Ling TaiHolidaymaker
Eileen Brady(extra)
Derek Chafer(extra)
Martin Clark(extra)
Maurice Connor(extra)
Julia Gaye(extra)
Nick Joseph(extra)
David Korff(extra)
Brian MasseyHolidaymaker
James Muir(extra)
Timothy Oldroyd(extra)
Annette Peters(extra)
Joe PhillipsHolidaymaker
Fred Reford(extra)
Jenny Roberts(extra)
Douglas Roe(extra)
David Rolfe(extra)
Roy Seeley(extra)
Douglas Stark(extra)
Derek Suthern(extra)
Reg Woods(extra)
Inga DaleyHolidaymaker
Emmanuel Josiah(extra)
Pauline Lewis(extra)
Ranjit Nakara(extra)
Patti Patience(extra)
Ansley Pollard(extra)
John Salpeas(extra)
Huntley Young(extra)
Hi Ching(extra)
Willow Wipp(extra)
Ina Claire(extra)
Sarah Gardner(extra)
Pearl Gilham(extra)
Maureen Stevens(extra)
Anna Van Karina(extra)
David AllisterStimson
Clifford NorgateGenerator Voice
Mary Rennie(extra)
Mike Reynell(extra)
Ken Sedd(extra)
Andrew LaneFoamasi
Kenneth Seed(extra)
Mike Handley(extra)
Ridgewell Hawkes(extra)
Ray LavenderPangol Army
Michael LeaderPangol Army
Mames Muir(extra)
Jeff Wayne(extra)
Douglas AuchterloniePangol Army
David Bulbeck(extra)
David ColePangol Army
Tim GoodingsPangol Army
Bruce GuestPangol Army
Eric HamiltonPangol Army
Bobby JamesPangol Army
Ray KnightPangol Army
Mark MiddlerPangol Army
Mike MungarvanPangol Army
Stuart MyersPangol Army
Kevin O'BrienPangol Army
Harry PaynePangol Army
Harry Van EngelPangol Army
Leslie WeekesPangol Army
Geoffrey WhitestonePangol Army
Reg WoodsPangol Army
Alys DyerBaby Pangol