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The Tenth Planet: Episode 2

Last updated 31 May 2015

Episode 2

6.40 Million

Episode 2

Series Episode Number: 132

First Broadcast: Sat 15 Oct 1966 - 5:50pm BST [BBC One]
Running Time: 23 minutes 15 seconds

Appreciation Index: 48

Chart Position: 57

Recorded on Sat 24 Sep 1966 in Riverside 1
Archive State: 16mm t/r

Earth's energy is being drained away by the new planet, Mondas, and faces destruction. Cyberman invade the base and threaten to convert the humans into creatures like themselves.


Records on Film
Records Dubbed
Film Sequences used

Space Adventure (Martin Slavin) 38"

Normin Ramin Chappell C812A

Machine Room (Douglas Gamley) 17"

Wind and Percussion Ensemble Chappell C754B


Machine Room (Douglas Gamley) 45"

Wind and Percussion Ensemble Chappell C754B

Drumdramatic NO 7 (Robert Farnon) 20"

Perciussion Ensemble C785B

Power Drill (Douglas Gamley) 30"

Wind and Percussion Ensemble Chappell C754A


BBC Stock Film

Footage:  28' sound 35mm (titles)

27' sound 35mm

BBC Specially Shot

60' sound 35mm (Guards and Cybermen)

100' sound 35mm

All the exteriors were shot on film on Stage 3 of the BBC's Ealing Studios from Tuesday 30 August to Friday 2 September 1966.