DoctorDoctor Who Guide

Season 11 (1973-1974)

The Time Warrior

Last updated 31 May 2015

Jon PertweeDoctor Who
Elisabeth SladenSarah Jane Smith
Nicholas CourtneyBrigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Kevin LindsayLinx
Donald PelmearProfessor Rubeish
June BrownEleanor
Alan RoweEdward of Wessex
Jeremy BullochHal
Sheila FayMeg
Gordon PittEric
David DakerIrongron
John J CarneyBloodaxe
Jacqueline StanburyMary
David Cleeve(extra)
Steve Ismay(extra)
Keith Norrish(extra)
Alan Charles Thomas(extra)
Alan Lenoir(extra)
Jimmy Lyon(extra)
Bill Herbert(extra)
Emmett Hennessy(extra)
Roger Marston(extra)
George Ballantine(extra)
David Eynon(extra)
Eden Fox(extra)
Douglas Domingo(extra)
Robert Peters(extra)
Tom Atkins(extra)
Dick Weable(extra)
Michael Ralph(extra)
Ray Dunbobbin(extra)
Brian Bowles(extra)
David Buswell(extra)
Michael Boone(extra)
Steve Brunswick(extra)
John Hughman(extra)
Paul Phillips(extra)
Ronald Nunnery(extra)
Alan Luxton(extra)
Allan Deutrom(extra)
Andrew Abrahams(extra)
Andrew Greenwood(extra)
Bill Monks(extra)
Clifford Kershaw(extra)
Dudley Long(extra)
Howard Williamson(extra)
Jim Whelan(extra)
Jon James(extra)
Malcolm Stevens(extra)
Sidney Tomas(extra)
Steve BrunswickSentry
David Carruthers(extra)
Marc Boyle(extra)
Bella EmbergKitchen Hand
Terry WalshStunt Double for The Doctor
Bill Lodge(extra)
Mary Rennie(extra)