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Russell T Davies is a genius! How can a man get it so right and so wrong in the space of forty-five minutes? Now that is real talent!

So, what did he get right? The relationships between Rose, her mother and Mickey for a start. All is forgiven Jackie and Mickey. I despised these characters in 'Rose' but the performances of both actors here was excellent. I thought that the idea of a genuinely traumatic reunion, courtesy of the Doctor's mistake, was a real highpoint of the episode; well-acted and convincing. Mickey's jealousy regarding his perceived relationship between the Doctor and Rose was well-scripted and well acted. I also found the animosity displayed towards Mickey by the Doctor funny, if only because there is no real reason why the Doctor should dislike him. He just does.

Penelope Wilton put in a fine performance and I thought that the spaceship crashing into Big Ben was one of the most iconic moments in the history of Doctor Who. And that's about it, really.

There was so much that I disliked about this episode, the blame of which can only be placed on two people: Russell T Davies and Phil Collinson; the former for writing such drivel in the first place and the latter for letting him get away with it. I mean, for goodness sake...fart jokes! And this is supposed to be the best writer writing for television. I have never felt so patronised while watching a Doctor Who episode, or so embarrassed. How can a sense of threat and menace be built up when such juvenile material has been written in the first place? And, I'm sorry...but a zip in the forehead? Is this supposed to be post modernly ironic: Guess what kids...Doctor Who monsters used to be men in rubber suits y'know! Now, however, they are merely bland and poorly realised CGI effects. I know that the Slitheen were given limited screen time and they may yet prove to be a serious threat but there first episode inspires little confidence.

It is telling that the best episode, in my opinion, of the series so far was not written by Russell T Davies. If he continues to set his standards so low, sacrificing real threat for cheap and childish gags, then I have little confidence in the rest of the series. Please, for series two, someone stop his omnipotence. He's asleep at the wheel. Oh, well, maybe I'll be proved wrong next week. Please. Please!

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