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With two excellent episodes under our belt, I sat down with a little trepidation to watch The Unquiet Dead, because it was written by Mr. Gatiss. I am not a fan of League of Gentlemen, or most of his other works, but found myself happily surprised by the presented episode.

The story itself was less scary than the trailers had conveyed, but it was neatly put together all the same. The running theme about the Time War is there, and so is a good example of the Doctor's different morality values - even if they turn out to be wrong in this instance! Simon Callow plays Dickens wonderfully, and the twist at the end of the story where the Doctor informs Rose that he will die shortly and so not get to write the story is slightly numbed by the fact that they are encapsulated inside the TARDIS - set aside from the time outside.

My only criticism of the episode is not concerning the story at all - but the way the Doctor's 'northern' accent seems to have also acquired stupid, dumb-sounding northern slang as well! The scene between him and Dickens in the carriage made me squirm - not because it was a slight dig at Doctor Who fans, that sort of criticism/humour I can take after being a dedicated fan for twenty-odd years - the Doctor's use of "Your Brilliant" over and over again, like a mindless dimwit just lost respect from me in the scene. It must also be noted that "fantastic" is becoming decidedly irritating - I'm hoping that he is not going to be bursting out with it in EVERY episode in the season.

I think that the pacing is slightly off with the episodes, there seems to be not much happen at the start - or it is a lecture session for Rose - followed by slightly more active part and then the resolution gets belted out in five minutes near the end! That said, overall the series is shaping up well, and I'm looking forward to next week's episode as the first part of a two-parter! Maybe the pacing will be more traditional, so we have a feel of an un-rushed story climax.

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