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I was very impressed... finally.

The first episode seemed a mess, the second episode showed promise, but this one felt like a proper programme. One with atmosphere, ideas, acting and everything!

I am not saying it was the best thing ever (it still ranks behind 24, Twin Peaks, West Wing and a couple of other modern shows in my humble opinion), but it bodes extremely well for the rest of this series. It was a stock episode - and nothing of major import occurred - but the general quality was amazing.

My 6 year old was hiding behind her cushion, peeking out at the screen, and she has just been a bit scared after being told to go to bed. This is what we want!

Obviously not scaring 6 year olds willy nilly, but a television show with a bit of intelligence and atmosphere that the family can watch together and enjoy. This is the first time in years that I have watched an early evening show on a Saturday with any form of enthusiasm. I just cannot wait for the Daleks (and hopefully at some point the Cybermen and the Sea Devils).

Tonights episode involved aliens acting as zombies because they could possess the dead through the gases the corpses emit, with Charles Dickens saving the day. Ecclestone has finally learnt to smile without looking like he should be put in a straight jacket and Ms Piper looks good whilst being locked up (2 episodes in a row). The big character actor - Simon Callow - put in an interesting performance and looked like he wanted to be there - keeping the traditions of Dr Who intact. The script was tight, amusing and exciting, the FX convincing and the acting effective.

All in all, fantastic entertainment. Each episode makes me like the new series more and more. 

Can't wait for next Saturday, as it should be.

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