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Doctor Who goes back to its roots with a horror story set in a period setting. Classic Who and nicely realised by all concerned.

Doctor Who always works best with strong supporting characters that are convincingly written and well acted. A fact that arises I suspect from only having the Doctor and companions as true repeating characters. As viewer we need more characters to watch so the one time only characters gain an importance that they would not have in an episode of Star Trek for example…but forgive me I digress so back to The Unquiet Dead

This episode excelled in strong supporting character. Simon Callow was a most credible Charles Dickens playing him with real depth as a once brilliant and creative man who has slowly been reduced to feeling that for all his brilliance his creativity had run dry. His psychological turn around by the end of the episode put a smile on my face. Here was now a man who had again remembered what it was to live and that life was ever full of possibilities and wonder. Something that Doctor Who itself taught me many years ago as a young boy.

Further mention should go to Eve Myles as Gwyneth who put in a very strong performance as the telepathic maid. Her speech to Rose regarding the future as she could see it in Rose's mind literally had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. Great script and so very well delivered.

The relationship between the Doctor and Rose seems a little deeper than I would expect given their time together but the chemistry between then whether fighting or agreeing is riveting.

This episode seemed to manage more depth with the story line but I do miss the multiple episode format and I believe that the storyline depth suffers as a consequence. I can easily imagine that the reason behind the walking deep would have taken a full episode to emerge in the old days however lets be happy for what we have – great special effects, terrific acting and new Who episodes!

The effects were good and ranged from full flying ghosts to simple gas flares. The sonic screwdriver was seen again but only in passing. Personally I have no issue with that but now isn't the time to debate that! The Victorian era was nicely portrayed and the snow looked real! 

All in all a very good episode.

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