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I'll be honest with you. I am yet to see a story from the new series which I've felt the same way as I did watching 'Robots of Death' or 'The Curse of Fenric'. I shouldn't say so as we're only three episodes in but that's how I feel. The new series is good, but there's something missing. Perhaps the fact that CE is leaving also leaves a bitter taste...

Although, now you mention it, this has been the best episode so far. A good plot, well acted and scary. Simon Callow was brilliant as Dickens and I enjoyed the character of the maid, Gwenyth. The scene between her and Rose was a joy to watch, and reminded me of the scene where Leela undresses in front of Vince in 'The Horror of Fang Rock'. Brilliant stuff. Although I did feel her vision of Rose's world could have been omitted at the script stage. 

The 19th century was well realised, especially the interior scenes and the special effects were what we have come to expect these days. The exteriors may have been quite cramped as one reviewer put it, but the story was well executed. 

I thought to myself during the episode - "What a cop-out! The aliens are nice!" but my spine tingled when there was a lovely twist to the contrary. I just would have liked the resolution to be strung out a bit more, given more time to breathe. 

Aside from those quibbles, it was good but I've seen better. But we are only three episodes in....

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