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This is the first historical story of the new series, and I think that this episode, really shows off Doctor Who's ability to tell a good story.

I have always believed throughout the original series that episodes which were set in the past always looked better than the ones in the future. I believe this to be the case for two reasons, firstly, the past has already happened so we are able to be more accurate. Secondly, the BBC does period drama so well. 

This story was no exception. It had more of a plot to it than the previous two stories and had a more serious tone. We know now how the characters are thinking and what their personalities are. This means that the writers can start writing stories, rather than be constantly trying to justify each character's actions.

In this story, the writers continue the theme of a dark secret which the doctor has. A darker side to the Doctor was developing at the end of the original series and it is nice to see that that feature has been retained. It helps to keep viewers coming back for more, week after week.

As usual, the special effects were excellent, and in my opinion were better than in the previous two stories because they were more subtle, and the story was perhaps less dependent on special effects, which allows the acting to show through more.

I believe that the opening sequence was also better than in the previous episode. I though that the pre titles sequence in "The End of the World" was a little too long as an opening sequence, this one got straight to the point and had more of an effect.

The detail and intricacy of the make-up and costumes was also very important for me. I admit that it is unlikely that we will be seeing men in rubber suits in this new series, but the costumes throughout the series upto this point have been totally convincing.

Again, I think that his week's was an excellent story, the best so far and I can't wait for the next episode, because I believe that the new series has just got into full swing and can only get better.

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