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After going to the future in episode 2 it was obvious that the Doctor and Rose would be travelling to the past.

I'm a big fan of the new opening sequence, I think it really builds up the episode, especially in this one where we see the old woman walking out of the house screaming and then all of a sudden the Dr Who screech comes in, just brilliant!!! Everytime I watch that part I feel a tingling up my spine. However there are some things which I really didn't like.

How can a man who arranged what I consider to be the best Dr Who theme yet be so bad at the incidental music. Murray Gold, not happy, the music is terrible, in some places the music doesn't fit the atmosphere or direction of the story, and in other places it just sounds so terrible and synthesised.

Up to know I really haven't been impressed with the new Dr Who series, I liked the first episode for the fact that we are following Rose's adventure rather than the Doctors, but it was still very ordinary, the second episode was just a joke, I mean trees with teeth and breasts. But the Unqiet dead is certainly a journey back to the good old days of Dr Who. In fact when I think of this episode I think of the Hinchcliffe era, which I consider to be one of the best in the entire series. For the first time we have a story which, even though it is fiction, is actually made to be believable. I absolutely hate stories in science fiction which are so fiction that they aren't worth watching. This episode is fantastic, Simon Callow is brilliant is Dickens.

I said it before and I'll say it again. I really don't like the new TARDIS, think it is the worst design ever. In episode 2 we saw the Doctor using a bike pump and a bell when controlling the TARDIS, I know this is suppose to symbolise that the Doctor has used anything he possibly can to repair segments of the TARDIS, but I think this is going to far. I also thought that when the Doctor gave directions to the wardrobe for Rose to get changed we could've seen Rose in the wardrobe looking through clothes, and perhaps bumping into Colin Bakers jacket maybe, and saying 'Who wears this rubbish'. A note to the writers, maybe some more links between the original series and this one would help, I really think that there isn't enough.

The acting in this episode is by far the best so far, the directing is excellent. I know that this is a small thing, but I like when at the end the TARDIS dematerialises and all the snow that was on it falls off, thought that was brilliant. However, maybe it is just me, but why does the TARDIS have fluroescent lights in its windows? They didn't have them back in the 1950's, to me this just makes it look false, especially since you can see the where the lights end.

Overall a fantastic episode, want to see more stories from Mark Gatiss, just thought that the music really let it down. I also want to see some stories on other planets as well, Earth isn't the only planet around.

Before I finish off, has anyone noticed that the Doctor uses his new sonic screwdriver (which I hate, love the old sonic screwdriver, WHY DID YOU CHANGE IT!!!) like a stylus, like in episode 2 which he was trying to unlock a few rooms etc. The sonic screwdriver is a great concept, but there is such a thing as overuse.

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