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WOW!!!!!!! Absolutely Brilliant! I would like to leave it there but the terms of reviewing this episode insist I expand.

Previously on Doctor Who (hee hee, say it out loud) I reviewed Aliens of London less than favourably, but did say I would reserve final judgemnent until this episode.World War III completely overturns everything that I found negative about the first part.

The Aliens were "Fantastic" realised so well in this episode especially in CGI. They were quite lumbersome initially but soon appeared quite deadly and athletic and complete with some surreal camera angles instilled a degree of menace. They were especially more threatening in their group scenes (and none were cardboard cut-out standees).

The Doctor so improved this week with his lift speech, the "narrow it down" interation and his telephone call to Rose at the end. Still smiles a bit too much but nice little touches like his apology to the secretary in no. 10 makes up for that.

Billie Piper as Rose just coasts through the episode, anothe excellent performance and I love her little laugh to the Doctor when she says he is stuck with her. Her interaction with her mother and Mickey brings good drama to this episode and the series. These two actors especially Noel Clarke improve their performances so much since "Rose.

Now to Penelope Wilton. I felt she was quite underused in the first episode and did wonder why she had signed up witth not much to do. Upon seeing this episode I see that so much of the previous story was setting up and I think she makes the episode hers from her embarrassment at the word FART (which I blush at too) to her uplifting speach at the end. She handled the humour and danger with aplome.

All the "Alien" actors played out their "Alien" characteristics well so, apart from being of larger build and flatulent, you could tell they were not of this planet. - "I need to be naked" could end up being a catchphrase !!

The special effects as usual were (how many words say brilliant????) The missile, the CGI aliens and best of all, the destruction of no. 10. The door being left intact was genius (found a word!).

I Still don't like farts but that's just personal. Yet everything else made up for my reservations on Aliens of London and as a pair they are quite simply impressive.

And the next week's trailer - yup had me giggling like a girl (no offence to girls) and brilliantly edited to leave the big reveal until the last shot!!!!!!!

So, In order of entertainment : The Unquiet Dead, World War III, Rose, The End of the World, Aliens of London and as a pair, Aliens moves to join second. I am just wondering how complicated this rating system gets at the end of 13 weeks.

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