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Of the 3 Slitheen episodes to date, this is far and away the best, but it still lacked enough action to be wholly satisfying.

It was, like FATHER'S DAY, too preoccupied with its concept of exploring the consequences of the Doctor's lifestyle. This meant that the potentially exciting plot of Cardiff succumbing to pan-dimensional nuclear destruction was allowed to go out with a whimper.

Having said that, it went a long way towards making the Slitheen's race a slightly more rounded one than before - we learned a lot in our 45 minutes about the race's social structure, life cycle, and morality than a single episode should really have time for. As in DALEK, we even find a moment that allows a little empathy with the bad guy.

Some nice touches include the Doctor and Rose commenting on the appearance of the Bad Wolf motif, a cameo by the guy who played the undertaker in Remembrance of the Daleks, and some good lines.

Ultimately, though, the episode suffered mainly from coming directly after the sublime THE DOCTOR DANCES. However, anyone who thought the series would slope away from that peak can be heartened by the teaser for Episode 12. It would seem that BOOM TOWN! serves the role of a pause for breath. Because lets face it, dear reader, the next episode looks like one hell of a roller coaster...

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