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Fantastic character piece. The team of Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack with Mickey along for the ride was brilliantly inspired. This makes you realise they made the right decision in keeping jack on instead of Adam. Lets just hope he survives through till season 2.

The story itself was great, the sci fi threat took a back seat to characterization and it worked so so well. I truly felt sorry for Mickey, but at the same time can perfectly understand Rose for wanting to go on her adventures. Was a nice touch to hear of different planets she had been too, as on TV we have only seen her on Earth and space stations above Earth.

It was also nice to see some great banter between Captain Jack and the Doctor, last weeks the banter was with Rose and this time he had some great banter with the Doctor.

It was also inspired to bring back the female Slitheen. She was a great actress and her sparring with the Doctor was brilliant. I loved and laughed out loud at the scenes of her running away teleporting and the Doctor keep teleporting her back. Hilarious when it happened 3 times before she said "what have I ever done to you".

The effects when the Rift broke up was brilliant, and the tourist board at Cardiff must have been very happy. This episode made Cardiff look amazing.

I actually thought it was a shame she became an egg, as I would have liked to have seen the Slitheen again. But we did hear that there was other family on other planets, so maybe we will see them again.

The character of Mickey who seemed to be the weakest in the episode Rose, was brilliant here. I thought during the original Slitheen 2 parter he was good, better than the episode Rose, but in this episode he has become a character in his own right. Shame Jackie never put in an appearance though. I also liked how the Doctor likes Mickey now. Which was great fun.

Overall Russell T Davies and his team delivered a brilliant character piece, well written, funny and acted perfectly. And the trailer for next weeks looks pretty damn good too.

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