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I only have one real problem with “Boomtown”. I am getting very sick of Earth.

I love Doctor Who and I think this new series has been, in a word, fantastic! However, in the entire run of Doctor Who (except of course the Jon Pertwee exile episodes), never has modern day Earth been such a focal point of the series. I don’t live in London or Cardiff, I live in the US but I still know what modern day life looks like. Sure a large green alien (of whom I could have done without a second appearance as well, more on that in a bit) and a rift in time and space aren’t something you see everyday but for the most part the London/Cardiff episodes are based a little too much in reality for my tastes. I love Chris Eccelston, I love Billie Piper and I think the new addition of Captain Jack is awesome. Jack is one of those types of characters that seems like you should think he’s a jerk but he’s actually very cool, very funny and a nice fit for this TARDIS crew. I hope he sticks around. Still, some of the planets Rose describes to Ricky/Mickey that the Doctor took her to…. Frozen waves 100 feet tall and miles of beaches, Glass pyramids…they sound like excellent backdrops for a story and mentioning them in modern day Cardiff but not showing them almost announces the fact that they don’t have the budget to properly show areas they want to show.

I am starting to see the limitations of this show. Because the quality has been so good, and the effects have become “mainstream”, that is the effects are now on par with the rest of television, it will not be possible to have a story placed anywhere but locations where effect shots can be perfect. Think of all of the old episodes of Doctor Who. Think about the acid rivers and large pyramid in ‘The Keys of Marinus’, the strange locations of ‘Trial of a Timelord’ … there are dozens of locations they could film or create in the old series and because the budgets were obviously low they made due with what they had and there was a magic and charm in what they created. It’s becoming like the 1977 Star Wars trilogy versus the newer “more modern” Star Wars trilogy. The olf movies (at least the first two) had little or no budget and they are fantastic. The crews that created these movies worked magic with the little or no resources they had to work with and as a result created something the world had never seen. The new movies are filmed in three weeks and then thrown on the desk of an 18 year old computer programmer to turn it into a movie. I fear the same thing happening to our beloved Doctor Who. If they can’t meet their standards of special effects than we get a story on Earth in modern times. Next week looks promising, even though it’s based on a reality show on modern day Earth, they show the host is a robot and the Daleks make an appearance. If there are Daleks who escaped maybe there are Timelords…. We can only hope.

Oh and I almost forgot…Bad Wolf!! They writers are SO MEAN! The Doctor just about stumbles upon the fact that there has been a ‘Bad Wolf’ reference in almost every episode and then brushes it away! I’m sure he really does realize something is up about it but wow how mean to almost touch on it and then take it away like that! We are nearing the end of the series and we can only hope that this is part of what kills the Ninth Doctor. How strange though that the Slitheen came up with that name “at random”! And the “Heart of the TARDIS” … is that the Eye of Harmony? And when can we see something more than the Console Room of the TARDIS? So many questions are raised by this show, I hope that we get at least a few answers before Chris and Billie exit stage left.

Overall, this episode had some of the best moments between the cast and the best dialogue of the entire run, I just hope we get to see a few different locations by the end of the series. Chris said in an interview for the first Doctor Who Confidential that part of the magic of Doctor Who is not knowing where each show would take place and I think this show needs some of that magic back. Other than that, brilliant as always and I can’t wait to see those little pepperpots again next week!

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