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‘The Doctor meets Sarah-Jane Smith and K9 again’ When I first heard this simple premise regards I thought “Oh God! They did really well with the last series and now they are going to try to top it by going overboard…It’ll be a nightmare” I am DELIGHTED to say I was wrong!!!

Regards the actual story – the Dr and company beat Aliens who are using children in a school as mini computers blah, blah, blah – it’s unimportant because this adventure is about relationships; The Dr and Sarah-Jane, The Dr and Rose & Rose and Sarah-Jane. Not since last year’s ‘Father’s Day’ will you get a more emotional episode. I consider myself a regular beer guzzling, football loving bloke and yet I will freely admit to shedding a tear when the Doctor and Sarah-Jane said goodbye…and then shedding another tear when the TARDIS dematerialised and you saw Sarah-Jane’s ‘present’.

I wont ruin the story for those who have yet to see it, but I will merely tell you that for all the episodes that brought back old characters to face the new Doctor which lacked emotional impact and were humdrum, this is the episode to counteract them all!

The episode continues the new series’ ability to add humour to the series (Mickey realises he’s ‘the tin dog’, the teacher’s sleeping in the school, K9’s one-liners and Anthony head’s glorious turn as the Headmaster), but this story had everything and also explains the Doctor’s reasons for not re-visiting old companions – and it’s a good un!

My favourite creatures were always the Cybermen (I am possibly the only Who fan who hates Daleks) and I was a bit concerned about how they would be portrayed in the series future episodes, but if they show Cybermen the respect and class they have shown to the Doctor’s old-companions, I have nothing to worry about.

After being disappointed with New Earth & Tooth and Claw, this has renewed my faith in the series; Sarah-Jane’s face on seeing the TARDIS, meeting the Doctor again once she realises who he is and the final five emotional minutes of the episode are definite highpoints for all Dr Who fans!! Bring on the Cybermen!

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