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Goodbye my Sarah Jane Smith – wow, what an emotional rollercoaster Toby Whitehouse has given us. The quality of each episode just seems to get better in this season two. This episode for me is definitely a real winner though due to some old element’s I loved growing up with Sarah Jane Smith and K9. When I knew that Elizabeth Sladen and John Leeson were returning I felt that Russell had something special lined up and boy did he deliver.

The credit for writing such a good script has to go to Toby Whitehouse. The opening was pure evil eating the child as they have no parents not to be missed. This element of putting it on a child’s level, a setting in a school with stuff that kids can identify with is sure to have had them chilled tonight. The great thing about new who is there really is something in it for the adults to and that’s in the emotion behind the monsters and the incredible acting. I really like the imaginative stuff to, Russell is right you don’t have to do the guts and gore to get the story over and this is well worked in 3 parts in this story with the right effect every time.

Another good pre credits opener, Rose and the Doctor already being in the school for 2 days accelerates the script and moves the action on quickly. Then enter Sarah reporting on the school for the Times or so she says. The first meeting with the Doctor was enchanting as the Doctor has the recognition but Sarah is oblivious commenting on I knew a John Smith before acquainting herself with the teachers.

The Doctor allows Sarah to walk away, why we wonder? The Doctor is then properly reunited when he and Rose and Mickey investigate the school at night at the same time that Sarah decides to. A point to note is Mickey involvement im still not 100% sure on the character but I am still hesitant to judge. I feel from an adult perspective he isn’t necessary but from a children’s I can see that he is valuable to the show and dynamics. So everyone hears creaks in the school spooky, Sarah runs from the headmaster’s office to find the Tardis great moment, and then Sarah slowly comes face to face with the Doctor. This exchange of dialogue is played just right without slowing things down and then moving the action on. The chemistry that Liz had with John and Tom is the same with David it shows how true Liz is to the character as she displays the right emotions for Sarah all the way through the episode.

So Rose meets Sarah and the jealously starts, this is well played by Billie as always, her progression through this season is great to and Billie is on top form again in this episode. The friction and reality of the Sarah situation is fast and truthful and again is what the adults will be enjoying. Sarah then introduces K9 into the proceedings, visually just the same which was great to see. John gives a good solid performance as K9. There is only one flaw in the script when K9 is left in the car that smashes the window only to somehow jump out and save the day questionable but only noticed on repeated watching which for many of the millions of viewers this won’t happen.

Then we come to Mr Finch played by Anthony Stewart wow what a performance. The subtle but excellent delivery of the pool scene was so enthralling and David really gets to shine here. This is an excellent showdown which underlines the cost of what is going on and how this doctor is different now and makes different decisions. David is really showing his acting strengths and giving us a fabulous doctor. I have to say that I prefer him to Chris as he so eccentric and I prefer this portrayal the many facial expressions the changing in voice pattern and speed at the delivery of dialogue. This is not to take away anything from Chris who delivered a human Doctor that was so full of life, but I hope we get to keep David for more than one season.

Again the visual effects department have worked hard at creating a great monster in fact one of the best we have seen so far and the transformations were fantastic so much better than the slitheen. The climax of the story was great too emotional with us losing K9 as self sacrifice which was just awesome a real sobbing moment. The reaction of Sarah was enough to carry this emotion until the end. So then the finale scene and what a glorious summers day and what a lovely setting. Sarah comes into the Tardis and exchanges words with Rose, stay with him he’s worth the heartache and look me up if you need me when he has left your life, just wonderful. Mickey joins the gang, im as enthusiastic as Rose at the moment im hoping this will change. Then im back to where I began the goodbye to Sarah, A real crying moment for me this emotional punch is fantastic and what as a fan makes me so proud to be a Dr Who fan I just love this show.

One final note I just want to congratulate Elizabeth Sladen for a wonderful character portrayal of Sarah. Liz looks amazing and it was a fitting end on screen for one of the most loved companions, thank you Russell for bringing Sarah back another stroke of genius.

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