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School Reunion was everything it promised to be and more. This was emotion on the scale of "Father's Day", a beautifully written episode, exploring the dynamics of what happens to the Doctor's companions after they have left. Sarah Jane was a perfect ex-companion with whom to explore this, as she was one of the most popular with fans, most dear to the Doctor, and one of the few who left the Tardis unwillingly, being unceremoniously shovelled out by Tom Bakers Doctor after he was called to his home world.

The Doctor looked absolutely cockahoop upon seeing Sarah Jane, and it was interesting and emotional to see Rose's reaction to the revelation that a time might come when the Doctor might have to leave her behind, to get on with normal life. The bitching between Rose and Sarah Jane about who had seen the biggest/greatest/most dangerous monsters and robots e.t.c. was hilarious, and probably totally what you could expect in a relationship triangle. The story could well have turned out to be a necessary add on, but in fact was a well thought out plot really. Anthony Stewart Head played the Headmaster quite convincingly, and I couldn't help thinking that if the "Master" was ever to return that Head would be brilliant for the role.

The Krilitanes were quite convincing, if slightly comicbook, but that is quite ok, ‘cos this is Doctor Who, and in Doctor Who anything is possible.

K9 is a character I have never known much about, as I stopped watching Doctor Who years ago when K9 was first introduced, thinking it to be a rather silly concept. However, I eat my words, because K9 here was so great, that I was shedding tears for him at the sacrifice scene in the school, in the same way that I did when Rose thought the Doctor had been eaten by the reapers in Father's Day; or the same way that I felt sorry for the dalek in Van-Statten's underground bunker last year. The effect of K9s demise on Sarah Jane was really heart tugging stuff.

The scenes inside and outside the Tardis at the end were sublime, the reaction of Sarah Jane on the "redecorated" Tardis, the conversation between Sarah Jane and Rose, the request that Mickey made to join the crew in order that he should cease to be their "tin dog", and the farewell hug at the end.

Then, as the Tardis dematerialises, a surprie for Sarah Jane, a perfect farewell present from the Doctor in the shape of a rebuilt - or mark four - K9. Oh and the kids were great too, especially Kenny, who became an unlikely hero to all his schoolmates for "blowing up the school". 10 out of 10.

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