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I’m not an emotional person but watching this certainly brought a tear to my eye. There were so many moments in the episode when you found yourself wanting to laugh or cry. Sarah Jane Smith represented the older fans of the series when she said that she thought he was dead and complained that he had left her behind without saying goodbye.

The episode has all the issues that surround a 45 minute format namely not enough time to get everything across, Sarah Jane, K9, Torchwood, the doctor's relationship with his companions and oh we need to fit a story in as well but I still enjoyed it hugely. Younger fans of the series had plenty of bangs and flashes to keep them happy along with a biting the carpet performance from Anthony Stewart Head as the demon headmaster.

There were plenty of gags to keep us going to, "ignore the shooty dog thing", "you bad dog", "Oh no I'm the tin dog!" etc but the general tone of things had an air of bathos. The doctor's mixed reaction to Sarah and K9 mirrored our own. We loved the old series and it was a big part of our lives but the new series is better. Yes I said it was better. I have had bitter arguments with people my age about this but if you look at the old eps (apart from a few) they seem two dimensional in comparison.

Anyway the doctor embraces his past at the end of it, "My Sarah Jane" and moves on and even rebuilds K9 or "that bloody dog" as Tom Baker called him. And Mickey has finally decided to join the crew, much to Rose's disgust! As far as the story itself went it introduced a new species of monster in the Krilitane who looked a bit like the reapers from father's day. There was the usual techno babble about what they were up to and Mickey saves the day by pulling a plug out. K9 sacrifices himself near the end and this certailnly brought a lump to my throat but not as much as when Sarah Jane finds the Tardis and then realises that the physics teacher is the Doctor.

Rose and Sarah Jane sniping at each other was brilliant, "every man's worse nightmare the Mrs and the ex", as Mickey put it. But the Doctor's explanation of why he doesn't hang around with companions for too long made sense of things. Finally I couldn't help laughing at Sarah Jane complaining that the Doctor had left her in Aberdeen instead of Croydon.

Anyway roll on the spin offs. The K9 cartoon, Torchwood and, at this rate, the thirteen part series on insane shouting with Sharaz Jek.

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