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A reunion both of heart and mind with the Doctor and Sara topping the class Doctor Who does not get much better than this…

I missed the first Season of the new ‘Doctor Who’ and only seen David Tennant becoming the 10th Doctor. He had a lot to follow up though but Saturday’s episode proved that an old re-vamped show can outdo anything from all those American imports (CSI, Lost etc) and that it has something timelessly epic in its making something that those shows have not even heard off:

It was not only in the writing but the timing, the delivery, the old and new going hand in hand. With some great one liners - and though both K9 and Sara were just a little before my time, there impact on the current Doctor was all inspiring and heart rendering at the same time.

Combined with Rose and Sara’s jealousy which was played to perfection and nice seeing them coming to an understanding however it was both David Tennant and the actress who plays Sara that gave this episode the absolute anguish and the shadow that forever hangs over the doctor….

The ending was justified and endearing and highly appropriate but it was the middle section the precise moment where we seen right into the 10th doctors soul which brought an ache to the heart – that and perhaps the fact maybe someday very soon this doctor might in someway go to the dark-side.

Not the greatest thought but it brought the hero and everything the doctor is boiling to the surface and Tennant shone because of it. This episode was pistols at dawn and more.

Humour adding to it and Anthony Stewart Head made the most of his character I was left begging for more and K9 was ace, I never knew we made shows like this any more but it was the mastery of the performances and the new understanding Rose had of the doctor as well and where on earth that will go next.

9.5 out of 10 for I know that’s them just cutting the surface the 10th doctor has it in everyway and it’s the light to dark and then back again the depth was outstanding the emotions so real and I cannot wait to get this episode on DVD.

Minor further comment – Having the doctor with that coat and suit (along with cute tie) and well the whole outfit to be precise is every bit the image of the doctor who of my childhood only reborn. Nice work and lets hope the rest of the season brings the heart and soul of this doctor to the surface.

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