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The only question I want to ask after watching the latest episode, School Reunion is "why"?

That is, why bring Sarah Jane back for a "proper happy ending" which involves letting us know that since we last saw the character, she has spent around three decades living a life of quiet heart-break, unable to forge romantic attachments due to having discovered that she is in love with the Doctor....?!

A few people have mentioned the character of Sarah being treated with respect. I can't see it myself, nor can I see her being treated with much in the way of compassion.

Yes, OK, she might conceivably have been in love with the Doctor, although heaven knows if you watch her run of stories with Pertwee and Baker there is little evidence to suggest that they were anything less than best buddies. But to turn her into a sort of tragic eternal spinster with only a robot dog for company....? Come on, this is Sarah! Plucky, independent Sarah Jane!

The real tragedy of all this is that what we had before (a wonderfully subtle farewell in Hand Of Fear, ending with a big question mark) has been completely bull-dozed by the new show's usual lack of subtely. A rush of shmaltz, a whirlwind of Hollywood strings and tearful eyes, big hugs and moon-eyed looks all combine to totally ruin the Doctor and Sarah forever!

Come on people, how can you bring yourself to buy this...?!

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