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As this is my first review (hopefully the first of many) let me just give you my personal point of view of the first 1 and a bit seasons of the new Doctor Who (I refuse to call them Seasons 27 and 28). They are better then I could have ever hoped for!!! They are witty, funny, scary and exciting and I get a little irritated by the fans who keep on criticising them for not being like old Doctor Who. Russel T Davies and the other writers stated before the first season that these are primarily aimed at a new audience and not to us die hard fans. I have every episode of Doctor Who represented in one form or another and have watched/listened to them all on several occasions and I feel knowledgable enough to make the statement that aiming this new series for todays family audience is to the showst benefit. People go on about how this new series has too many plot holes, or how it is too fast paced. You must remember that this show is aimed (primarily) at 8 year old children. When you take this into consideration you have to admit that many of the ideas presented are extremely sophisticated and will hopefully encourage the said children to crave, as they get older, more sophisitcated television programmes. When you consider the dire programmes you get on the majority of television these days, this can only be a good thing. How many childrens shows would have the line like that given by Cassandra in "New Earth" when she says "I'm dying... But that's okay". For children who suffer bereavement (whether it be a pet or a Loved One) this must be of comfort. Death is not something to be feared and I think this is not taught to children enough. The concepts that new Doctor Who is imparting to the younger audience makes me proud to be a Doctor Who fan and I can forgive the farting aliens and the occasional plot holes or things that I, as a Doctor Who fan, consider "not Doctor Who".

Rant Over!!!

Now, onto "School Reunion"

As a child, I was always a big K9 fan despite not being old enough to actually have seen a story with him in (I even tried to make a fully working K9 using and old Toy Box and some paint... Then again, I also tried to make a fully operational TARDIS using three bits of wood and some blue paint... Maybe I was just a dim child). However, I was far more excited to be reaquainted with Sarah Jane Smith. I was not disappointed!!! Ellisabeth Sladen obviously relished being back in the part and this was evident in every scene she was in. She absolutely shone. The chemistry between her and David Tennant literally sent goose bumps down my spine (that said, I get goosebumps and laugh uproariously whenever the Title Credits appear... Maybe that is what 16 years waiting for the show to return does to you).

I too, was a little disappointed to begin with when I realised that Sarah and Rose were not gonna get on, but as stated by another reviewer, once I realised that they were comparing Rose to Sarah and what her future may be like after she eventually leaves the Doctor (or he leaves her, as the case may be) I realised that this was, in fact, very clever writing.

As for the "Tin Dog", it was great to see him back. I loved it when Sarah says "He's my dog"... I could hear Tom Baker saying that and it warmed the cockles of my heart.

The overall story was good and Anthony Stewart Head played the role of the "Headmaster" brilliantly. The confrontation scene between him and the Doctor was first class and proves to me that David Tennant is a great Doctor. How can anyone not like this character. He is funny when he needs to be and extremely menacing when called for. I find the fact that he considers himself to be of moral authority very interesting and I desperately hope this is explored further. My only problem with David Tennant is how, when he leaves, they will find somebody to replace him!!!

The final scene... Aaaaahh, the final scene. I have not cried since June 2000 when my beloved dog died (he was made from an old Toy Box and some paint...) but this was the closest I have come since then (I am not sure whether, almost crying for the first time in almost six years due to a television show is healthy). It was played to perfection and once again, showed a level of sophisitication rarely seen in many childrens shows these days.

I have Loved Doctor Who since I was five... I am Loving Doctor Who at twenty-Seven years of age... LONG MAY IT CONTINUE!!!

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