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I loved this episode. Absolutely loved it. Which is why I was shocked when my housemates, who never followed the old series that much, told me they hated it. Why? Because it was full of dumb moments and plot-holes, like only 1 kid in the whole school not being part of the code breaking program, and the computers in the computer lab all switching off when the Doctor smashed the large screen. And the worst thing is, they're right. It IS full of dumb moments and lazy plot devices. But I don't care, because I loved it.

I loved the moment when the Doctor first saw Sarah Jane again after all those years; when she first realised who the Doctor was; the tear jerking goodbye; Sarah Jane telling Rose why she should stay with the doctor; K9 Mark 4; 'we are in a car'; the Doctor actually considering (if only for a fraction of a second) siding with the villain to save his race; David Tennant's powerful, understated, performance (particularly in the swimming pool scene); Elisabeth Sladen; Mickey being slightly more funny than annoying; and the whole show being genuinely funny and touching and moving and wonderful.

Yes, if you took out Sarah Jane Smith and K9 the main story of the episode isn't particularly strong, Tony Head switches from brilliant creeping menace to over the top panto at the end, and since when does the sonic screwdriver get stopped by as clunky a plot device as special deadbolt locks. Why do only the chips get coated in the special oil; what exactly were the rats for again; where did all the computer rooms come from; how does unplugging one socket switch off rooms full of computers and causes then to start sparking; why bother switching to human form again during the final confrontation; why is Torchwood splashed across every top secret website when it's supposed to be a top secret organisation even the UN doesn't know about; and what's the unending montage of computer screens and typing, twice!

But I don't care, because I loved this episode.

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