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I remember quite clearly holding my breath last year while watching the first 10 minutes of "Dalek" waiting for the first glimpse of the Metaltron locked up in the vault, feeling a real buzz when the lights flickered on and there it was! Part of me expected to have the same feeling when Sarah Jane walked back into the Doctors life, and some small part of me was disappointed that it wasn't all greetings and hugs there and then when Anthony Heads Mr Finch introduced her.

But for me the greatest sensation was when Sarah Jane discovered the TARDIS while searching the school and night, shocked and bewildered she closes the door and look who's behind her! FANTASTIC! I can tell you it sent a shiver down my spine when he spoke to her.

School Reunion has already lept up to the top 3 episodes for me so far (and thats without endless re-watching for all the little things I might have missed) and the main reason for that is the sheer emotional weight of this episode, very much in the line of Fathers Day, less action and more characterisation and thats something that has been missing in the first few episodes.

The plot is wonderful, aliens using children as code breakers by enhancing their intelligence with chips! (I am sure Jamie Oliver would have something to say about that - thank god they didnt use turkey twizlers!) I am sure for the younger viewers, the scenes with the children wired up to the computers was much scarier than i found it, but it was a good story, well handled and was reminiscent of other Doctor Who stories set in schools, going back to the first ever epsiode.

Anthony Head gave a chilling performance as Mr Finch, his dialogue with the Doctor was sparkling and I wished it could have been given more time, especially when he was offering the Doctor the power of a God. The CGI bat creatures were a bit like the reapers from Fathers Day but that can be forgoven after seeing them scuttle along the walls and ceilings to attack the children and the TARDIS Crew.

Without sounding too gushing fan boy, I have to say that all the main cast had some great lines and put in equally great performances, Mickey getting the chance to do a little bit more than mope over Rose and skulk away when things get dangerous. His lines to Rose and the Doctor serve to remind us all that the partnership between them both is only finite, their recent exploits have made them almost cocky and I found that annoying in Tooth And Claw, so enter Sarah Jane to stir things up a bit!!

And thats where the emotion in this episode comes from, her reunion with the Doctor, he feeling of abondonment and the jealous Rose taking pot shots at her "he's never mentioned you" is wonderful as is the scene where they are comparing previous adventures "i met the loch ness monster" ... great stuff.

I have always been a fan of K-9 and thought he was used well in the episode. Having watched later Tom Baker episodes with K-9 sidelined because he was too frequently used to solve everything and help the Doctor out of trouble, it was only proper to give the little pooch a good slice of action shooting down the aliens, and well I won't spoil the ending but proving he is mans and the Doctor's best friend.

The final scenes almost had me in tears, like Fathers Day, it was excellently handled and packed with emotion. Sarah Jane walking away from the TARDIS head held high, having said goodbye (for now - we hope?) to the Doctor and reminding Rose that it wont last forever and to look her up if she needs her, Mickey signing up at last to the Crew and the Doctor leaving Sarah a gift ... I'm welling up again!

Finally Series 2 kicks in for me, after 2 episodes of all action romps, back to the grittier stuff and I love it!

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