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Since this series was announced I have been very excited. I looked forward to New Earth with great anticipation, only to be dissapointed. Perhaps this was just a weak opening episode? Perhaps. so would Tooth and Claw be any better? it certainly looked good on the trailers, and the tardisode gave a nice little taster. So would it live up to expectations?

Unfortunately not.

It was definitely an improvement on New Earth, but compared to Series one and the Christmas Invasion, it just lacked that magic sparkle. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something missing from these new episodes; They fail to enthrall. There were a few good set pieces, but overall Tooth and Claw was flat and uninteresting.

I think one of the problems, as with New Earth, is that the story was too fast paced. It just rushed past, many details, such as the "monky monk monks" being forgotten about by the end (another was the Viscum Album imbued doors, which the werewolf broke through 5 minutes after we were told it couldn't).

Tennant, although a supremely talented actor, failed to impress me as the Doctor, and Billie Piper, as Rose, was all too familiar with the new Doctor all too soon. A complete contrast from her uncertainty over the entire first series and the Christmas Invasion (for instance what was the point of the whole "i tell you what... WEREWOLF!" bit?).

I will continue to watch the new series, as i am awaiting some fantastic episodes. i only hope that the other writers will produce the sort of quality stories that i came to expect while watching the Christopher Eccleston series, as RTD's first two offerings have left me cold.

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