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"Who let the wolf out?" RTD cetainly did with "Tooth and Claw": a gripping and entertaining ode to the werewolf legend with an expected whovian alien twist. This episode was a vast improvement from "New Earth" - The fear factor was raised up a notch or two and the plot was well paced with the rising body count.

The "We are not amused" bet between the Doctor and Rose was annoying and totally unneccessary - lets just say I was not amused. The wolf CGI was acceptable, but could have been better, more menacing. I loved the opening sequence, despite the Scottish Monks trying desparately to be Shaolin monks and not quite pulling it off.

Tennant is starting to win me around and came into his own in the in the library scene. Looks like his glasses have been introduced as one of his querks - he'd make a convincing Harry Palmer. Maybe Michael Caine should pop us as the Doctor's father. Imagine Michael Caine as a long lost Timelord.

Pauline Collins portrayal of Queen Victoria was fantastic, and She certainly put the Doctor and Rose in their place by first awarding them with Honours - " Sir Doctor of Tardis" and "Dame Rose of Tyler" for saving the day, and then banishing them for the their unworldly knowledge, only to set up and introduce the "Torchwood Institute" to combat unnatural threats to the Empire. This sets up a nice precedent for the Torchwood spin off series, which by the way is an anagram of Doctor Who - as if you didn't know.

RTD delivers a second episode superior to the first, just like he did with series one, so things should only get better.

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