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I’m more than a little surprised at how critical some of the views have been in particular. I’m just glad its back on.

After last weeks opening episode,which was very pretty on the eyes and thats about it, this was the episode I wanted to see...and being away I had to wait untill the repeat on Sunday night but it was worth it.

I haven't enjoyed an episode like this for ages...everything worked for me and the ratings meant it must have done the same for an awful lot of other people too.

I've read some comments about how silly Rose was with her 'not amused' baiting of the Queen. Am I the only person that assumed, the Queens blank stare back, and refusal to bite made Rose look a little silly, was deliberate. This Queen was not half as daft as she appears... she knew Rose was taking the piss.

Remove the Royal Protocols and the stilted body language, this woman was portrayed as being very shrewd and intelligent with a very open mind and her comments to the Doctor and Billie as she banished them... makes me think she could see right through them and see more than we assumed she could.

The Monks needed so much more time to explain their origins, to find what had turned them from God to the Wolf. How the Host had fallen into their hands and where it had come from...Id love to know. I was a bit annoyed that the footage used for the Tardisode , which was very creepy, couldn't have been slipped in somewhere. that would have been excellent at the start of the episode, setting the scene and scaring the kids to death before the show had even began.

The acting was excellent, from the Monks, the Servants, to the tight arsed Guards , I even found His Lordship seriously sexy and was more than a little upset when he ended up as Afters.

Like others, I too felt that 45 minutes was too short, it really needed another 15 minutes, to explain the monks...more explanation of where the beast came from...lots of background info that was sadly missing. I agree, the 45 minute episodes make it all fast and flash and very exciting, but there's no major depth there.

The scene between the Host and Billie was so un nerving to me as an adult and after the transformation, I could imagine kids wetting themselves at night for weeks....there was some seriously well scary stuff here and all so terribly well done. The CGI was first class...obviously there were times when it was clear we were watching CGI....but who cares?

I like this Doctor...Tennant has slipped into this role as though it had been made for him...and so quickly too, just three episodes on and I've almost forgotten 'whatshisname'. He does remind me of Troughton, not physically obviously, but there's such intelligence which he hides behind his manic comedy and wide eyed amazement.

At the end of the day I’m just damn glad the shows back on. The Production Team does a fantastic job within the limits that they work in, and though I agree that Davies' scripts aren’t always the best, he came good on this one -- despite the horrifying thought that this sixty year old queen hadn’t finished breeding at that age in order to pass on the Wolf gene to yet unborn children.

The Torchwood section at the end was good ....some have complained about that too...but it at least will give the project a that when we're salivating over the Torchwood series at the end of the year, we'll know how and when it was founded and why...without having loads of explanation.

I thought the effects , especially of the Telescope were very impressive; it reminded me of that amazing machine used in Kate Bush's Cloudbustin’ video. I’d already clicked that the Diamond was the focusing Lens, but I hadn’t realised the machine worked backwards, focussing the moonlight backwards, and I’m assuming this machine is the prototype that gets used in the future, as seen in The Christmas Invasion.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode, and that’s basically all you can ask for.

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