Doctor Doctor Who Guide

The fury of the Timelord
The Family of Blood open the watch and discover it is empty, meaning that John has already changed back into the Doctor. The bumbling was a ruse to quietly initiate the ship's self-destruct mechanism. The Doctor and the Family escape the explosion, but the Doctor captures them and issues each member an eternal punishment, such is the Fury of the Time Lord.

The life of John Smith
The Family of Blood hold Martha and Joan Redfern captive and force John Smith (The Doctor) to make an impossible choice. The Family begin an aerial bombardment, Martha and Joan implore John to use the watch to become the Doctor and save everyone. John breaks down in tears, reluctant to give up Joan. The two share a vision, enabled by the fob watch, of what their lives would be like together as humans. Backstory The Doctor, pursued by the Family of Blood, has transformed into a human to escape the Family's detection. Landing in England in 1913, the Doctor takes the persona of John Smith, a teacher at Farringham School for boys, and Martha acts as a maid at the school. Over time John becomes infatuated with the school nurse, young widow Joan Redfern. But The Family have tracked the Doctor down and will stop at nothing to gain the power of the Time Lord.