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Torchwood follows the adventures of a team of investigators as they use alien technology to solve crimes, both alien and human.

This new British sci-fi crime thriller, from Russell T Davies, follows the team as they delve into the unknown. They are fighting the impossible while keeping their everyday lives going back at home.

The cast includes John Barrowman (Doctor Who) as the enigmatic Captain Jack Harkness, the ever-watchful heart of the team guarding against the fragility of humankind.

Eve Myles (Doctor Who, Belonging) plays Gwen Cooper, initially an outsider whose first encounter with Torchwood sparks a burning curiosity to get to the truth and throws her into an unfamiliar but exciting world.

Burn Gorman (Bleak House) plays the raw but charming medic, Owen Harper, and Naoko Mori (Absolutely Fabulous) is Toshiko Sato, the team member who specialises in all things technical.

Torchwood is written by Russell T Davies and Chris Chibnall, with contributing writers including PJ Hammond, Toby Whithouse and Helen Raynor.

A BBC production

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