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Captain Jack is the hero of the new BBC sci-fi series, Torchwood, and Eve Myles his gorgeous recruit, but the real star of the show is its backdrop - Cardiff.

Swansea-born writer and producer Russell T Davies said he wanted to give the city the sort of treatment American cities have in some US TV shows.

The production used a helicopter to gain sweeping views of the city's waterfront and landmark buildings.

Davies said: "It's got everything a city should have - and Cardiff Bay."

Torchwood screens on BBC Three on Sunday evening, promising a pacey and sexy sci-fi series based around Captain Jack Harkness, a time traveller who appeared in an episode of the first series of Doctor Who.

He leads a small team of investigators with a secret base on the city's waterfront who track aliens and use their technology to solve crime, both human and alien.

The series is filmed and set in Cardiff and promises spectacular images of the city and locations such as the Wales Millennium Centre.

Davies said, as a Welshman who had set dramas in Manchester, London and his home city, he was proud to be putting Cardiff on the screen.

He said: "If only Manchester had the bay. Cardiff looks like a city should look. It has all the restaurants and the bars.

"I wanted it to look like a city does in an American show. They aren't ashamed about putting what they've got on the screen. That's what I wanted to achieve."

He said the BBC Wales-made production also brought millions of pounds in to the city.

BBC Wales Controller Menna Richards described the production as Davies' "love letter to Cardiff".

Wales-born actress Eve Myles, who plays Captain Jack's new recruit, said that Cardiff was "a huge character in the show".

LinkCredit: BBC News Online