On This Day (USA) - 27 September

Planet of Evil: Part One premiered on BBC One in 1975 at 5:45pm BST, watched by 10.40 million viewers.

The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Sarah to the planet Zeta Minor on the edge of the universe. An unseen menace has wiped out a Morestran expedition and haunts the alien jungle...

Meglos: Part One premiered on BBC One in 1980 at 6:16pm BST, watched by 5.00 million viewers.

The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Mysterious Planet): Part Four premiered on BBC One in 1986 at 5:46pm BST, watched by 3.70 million viewers.

Battlefield: Part Four premiered on BBC One in 1989 at 7:34pm BST, watched by 4.00 million viewers.

The Caretaker premiered on BBC One in 2014 at 8:29pm BST, watched by 6.82 million viewers.

6/12. When terrifying events threaten Coal Hill school, the Time Lord goes under cover, little knowing that a meeting with Danny Pink is around the corner.

Doctor Who Extra: The Caretaker premiered on BBC Red Button in 2014 at 9:10pm BST
It’s an episode with everything from robots to romance and a new job for the Doctor… Now, Peter Capaldi and the team share the secrets behind it!

Dominic Glynn will be 62 - 7 credits, including Incidental Music for The Trial Of A Time Lord (The Mysterious Planet)

Glynn is a prolific composer of production music for television and film. As a regular writer for Universal Music Publishing Group, his music has featured in episodes of The Simpsons, Red Dwarf and Eerie Indiana, and the feature films Holy Man and Kevin & Perry Go Large.

In 2005/2006 his composition "Dangerous Beauty" was used as the theme to the hit Dutch television thriller series Vuurzee. A number of his production music tracks have been aired on the famous Adult Swim TV channel "bumps".

Glynn has also been active in the alternative electronica field, running the left field record label No Bones Records and recording under the names Fluid and Cybajaz and with Justin Mackay as Syzygy. He also co-composed the score of the video games Forsaken (performing as The Swarm) and (partially) Re-Volt. In 2007 Glynn wrote and performed the score for the British crime thriller "Bad Day", starring Claire Goose and Donna Air.

In 2009/10 Glynn wrote soundtrack music for many of B7 Productions's audio plays based on the BBC TV series Blake's 7

Garrick Hagon will be 83 - 3 credits, including Ky in The Mutants

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Garrick Hagon is a film, stage, television and radio actor best known for his role as Biggs Darklighter in Star Wars: A New Hope. His many films include Batman, Spy Game, Me and Orson Welles and The Message.

Hagon was born in London, England and raised in Toronto, Canada. 

He acted with Alec Guinness in Richard III at the Stratford Festival of Canada where he played for 7 seasons and won the Tyrone Guthrie Award in 1963. After studying for a spell with the Royal Court Theatre Studio, London, Hagon then acted with Prospect Productions, in many repertory theatres, on the West End in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons 

As a voice actor he has been heard in the UK dub of many films and tv series including Starfleet/X-Bomber (as Capt.Carter), the Manga titles, The Secret of Mamo and Goodbye Lady Liberty and Akira Kurosawa’s Ran. His voice is featured in the video game, Divinity II: Ego Draconis and he has recorded over 150 audiobooks for major UK publishers. Garrick has also directed over 100 audiobook recordings including Michelle Paver’s Wolf Brother read by Ian McKellen and the Audie Award-winning, full cast, unabridged His Dark Materials by Philip Pullma.

Hagon’s many films include: Dad in Tim Burton’s Batman, the role of Ammar in Mustapha Akkad's The Message, CIA Director Wilson in Tony Scott's Spy Game, Dr. Mewling in Richard Linklater's Me and Orson Welles, Fr.Loughton in Xie Jin's The Opium War, James Halgate III in Philip Stolzl's The Expatriate, Lt.Rafferty in Richard Attenborough's A Bridge Too Far, the British General in Paul Verhoeven's Black Book, Eros in Charlton Heston’s Antony and Cleopatra and the American doctor in Olivier Dahan's La Vie En Rose.

Frank Wylie (died 1994 aged 58) would be 87 - credited as Ruther in Castrovalva

Actor active from 1959-1992

Had roles in The Camerons, Sutherlands Law and The Fortunes of Nigel

Kismet Delgado (died 2017 aged 87) would be 93 - credited as Spider Voice in Planet of the Spiders

Kismet Delgado voiced a Spider in the Doctor Who serial Planet of the Spiders. 

She was the widow of Roger Delgado, and later married William Marlowe.

Barbara Murray (died 2014 aged 84) would be 93 - credited as Lady Cranleigh in Black Orchid

Barbara Murray is an English actress. She was married to the actor John Justin and had three daughters, but they divorced in 1964

She played Lady Madge Cranleigh in the 1982 Doctor Who story Black Orchid.

Murray had a very busy career in the 1940s and '50s as a fresh-faced leading lady in many British films such as Passport to Pimlico (1949) and Meet Mr. Lucifer (1953). Film work continued into the 1960s (including a role in the Tony Hancock film The Punch and Judy Man) but she was to appear more frequently on television, and is possibly best known for her role as Lady Pamela Wilder in the 1960s drama series The Plane Makers (and the sequel, The Power Game).

Her other TV credits include: The Escape of R.D.7Danger ManThe SaintDepartment SStrange ReportThe PallisersThe MackinnonsAlbert and Victoria and The Bretts.

Obituary: The Guardian

Milton Subotsky (died 1991 aged 69) would be 101 - 2 credits, including Screenplay for Dr Who and the Daleks(Aaru)

Milton Subotsky was born in New York in 1921, and honed his production skills during World War II by editing technical training films. After the war, he worked on a number of television shows in the US before emigrating to the UK in 1960, where he worked at Shepperton Studios.

Meeting up with Max J Rosenburg, they formed Amicus Productions in 1964 and went on to produce a number of cult sci-fi and horror classics like Dr. Terror's House of Horrors, The House That Drips Blood, and The Land That Time Forgot. He and Rosenburg also produced the two Dalek films starring Peter Cushing under the Aaru Productions name.

Post-Amicus, Subotsky continued to produce with titles as the mini-series The Martian Chronicles, based on Ray Bradbury's The Silver Locusts, and other productions based on Stephen King novels such as Cat's Eye, The Lawnmower Man and Sometimes They Come Back. He also produced the horror cult film The Monster Club.

Subotsky died in 1991 from heart disease.

David Harcourt (died 2013 aged 97) would be 107 - 2 credits, including Camera Operator for Dr Who and the Daleks(Aaru)

Camera Operator on the feature films Dr Who and the Daleks and Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

The son of actor James Harcourt and the father of film technician Jamie Harcourt.

Telegraph Obituary

John Harvey (died 1982 aged 70) would be 111 - 2 credits, including Professor Brett in The War Machines

John Harvey appeared in two Doctor Who stories: as Professor Brett in The War Machines and Officia in The Macra Terror.

Other roles include The Dick Francis Thriller: The Racing GameRings on Their FingerMalice Aforethought, House of CaradusLe PetomaneEdward & Mrs. SimpsonSome Mothers Do 'Ave 'EmRachel and the Beelzebub BombadiersThe Galton & Simpson PlayhouseThe ExpertGeorge & MildredRentaghosMan About the HouseZ CarsLegend of the WerewolfThe Growing Pains of PC PenroseDawson's WeeklyRollerballSutherland's LawBarlowJennie: Lady Randolph ChurchillCrown CourtThe Black WindmillThe Satanic Rites of DraculaThirty Minutes WorthThe Dick Emery ShowSoftly Softly: Task ForceDixon of Dock GreenSykesThe Strauss FamilyThe Onedin LineWhodunnit?The BefriendersSpyder's WebJusticeFather Dear FatherThe Mind of Mr. J.G. ReederDoctor at LargeSacco and VanzettiThe Main ChanceThe BorderersRandall and Hopkirk (Deceased)DetectiveThe Gold RobbersITV Sunday Night TheatreBBC Play of the MonthMan in a SuitcaseThirty-Minute TheatreA Challenge for Robin HoodThey Came from Beyond SpaceThe Deadly BeesArmchair TheatreA Game of MurderThe PsychopathTheatre 625Pity About the AbbeyFront Page StoryJoey BoyThe Plane MakersCurtain of FearSergeant CorkOur Man at St. Mark'sThe Scarlet BladeNo Hiding PlaceThe Old Dark HouseThe Kiss of the VampireLove StoryHeavens Above!The Human JungleComedy PlayhouseThe Wrong Arm of the LawIt Happened Like ThisDoomsday at ElevenDr. Finlay's CasebookThe Phantom of the OperaITV Play of the WeekThe Six Proud WalkersDrama 61-67Double BunkJangoArthur Clears the AirTunes of GloryHell Is a CityTwo Way StretchThe Stranglers of BombayH.G.Wells' Invisible ManThe Ugly DucklingHorrors of the Black MuseumThe 39 StepsDial 999The Flying DoctorIncident at Echo SixMurder BagEdge of FuryThe Adventures of Robin HoodIvanhoeThe ViseThe Man Who Wouldn't TalkNight of the DemonThe Long Haul, Overseas Press Club - Exclusive!Motive for MurderThe BuccaneersITV Television PlayhouseTrue as a TurtleThe New Adventures of Martin KaneAssignment Foreign LegionX: The UnknownThe Adventures of the Big ManPrivate's ProgressAll Square AftThe Lost HoursCastle in the AirAngels One FiveBBC Sunday-Night TheatreMilestonesHigh TreasonFour DaysLady Godiva Rides AgainThe Black WidowThe Man with My FaceThe Dark LightThe Smart AleckFiles from Scotland YardCairo RoadChance of a LifetimeStage FrightPrivate AngeloDick Barton Strikes BackNooseOn the SpotA Gunman Has EscapedMoscow Nights

Daphne Dare (died 2000 aged 71) - 30 credits, including Costume Designer for The Crusade

Costume Designer who worked on 126 episodes of early Doctor Who making her the most prolific costume designer on the programme.

The Ohio State University Libraries' Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute includes costume and scene designs from more than fifty productions by Daphne Dare. 

Dare designed for major theatres on both sides of the Atlantic as well as for television and film. Throughout her career, she had a part in over sixty productions, serving in such roles as art director, costume designer, production designer, and set designer. Dare designed at the Bristol Old Vic from 1958 until 1963. 

She worked as a costume designer for BBC TV from 1964-1968, designing the first two years of costumes and monsters for Doctor. Who. In 1967-1968 she became the Head of Design at the Northcott Theatre, Exeter. In the early 1970s Dare worked with Robin Phillips on a number of acclaimed productions including Two Gentlemen of Verona (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1970) with a young Patrick Stewart, Abelard and Heloise (Wyndham's, 1970) with Diana Rigg, Dear Antoine (Chichester and Piccadilly, 1971), and Miss Julie (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1971). 1973 was a very productive year for Daphne Dare and Robin Phillips with a season at Greenwich, a company including Jeremy Brett, Mia Farrow, Elisabeth Bergner, Penelope Keith, and Lynn Redgrave, in productions such as The House of Bernarda Alba, Three Sisters, Born Yesterday, Cats Play, and Zorba. In 1975, Dare became the Head of Design at the Stratford Festival, Ontario, under artistic director Robin Phillips. She designed over thirty-five productions, and was responsible, along with Phillips, for the renovation of the stages and auditoriums for the Avon and Third Stages, while also instituting a "Designer in training" program for young Canadian designers. In 1989, Daphne Dare designed Dion Boucicault's London Assurance (at Chichester and Theatre Royal Haymarket), with the director Sam Mendez. During the 1990s Dare focused primarily on film, working frequently with Ken Loach, including on his film Carla's Song (1996).