On This Day (USA) - 4 November

The Abominable Snowmen: Episode Six premiered on BBC One in 1967 at 5:25pm GMT, watched by 7.40 million viewers.

As the Great Intelligence manifests itself on Earth, the Doctor makes a last, desperate attempt to repel the evil entity by pitting his mind against it in a mental battle.

The Stones of Blood: Part Two premiered on BBC One in 1978 at 6:22pm GMT, watched by 6.60 million viewers.

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw premiered on BBC Radio 1 in 2015 at 6:30am GMT

Superstar US YouTuber Tyler Oakley joins Grimmy on the show.

The Tsuranga Conundrum premiered on BBC One in 2018 at 6:59pm GMT, watched by 7.76 million viewers.

Injured and stranded in a far-flung galaxy, the Doctor and her friends must unite with a group of strangers to fight one of the most unusual and destructive creatures in the universe.

Bear McCausland was 24 - 5 credits, including Steven Carter in Children Of Earth: Day One(TW)

Bear McCausland  played Steven Carter in the Torchwood serial Children of Earth.

Robyn Moore was 51 - 18 credits, including June Turner in Regeneration(K-9)

Born in Adelaide, Australia, Robyn's first theatrical role appearance in the zombie film Undead, which led to the role of Mrs Della Costa in the series Mortified. Since K-9, she has appeared in the films Mabo, Undertow, and Bad Karma.

Dudley Simpson (died 2017 aged 95) - 62 credits, including Incidental Music for The Time Warrior

Dudley Simpson is an Australian television composer who is best known for his work on Doctor Who where he composed the incidental music for 277 episodes. 

Prior to leaving Australia, Simpson composed for the Borovansky Ballet Company, forerunner to the Australian Ballet. Among his early television work was the music for Moonstrike

Simpson was also responsible for the memorable theme music for The Tomorrow People', Moonbase 3' (1973), The Ascent of Man (1973), Blake's 7 (1978) and the 1985 production of Titus Andronicus.

Simpson's first work on Doctor Who was during William Hartnell's era as the First Doctor in Planet of Giants, in 1964, but he is primarily associated with the programme in the 1970s. He also appeared on screen as a music hall conductor in the 1977 story The Talons of Weng-Chiang; Simpson had to be paid a special fee for this appearance, as he was a member of the Musicians' Union and not Equity.

When John Nathan-Turner became producer of Doctor Who in 1980, he decided that the music needed to be updated, and took Simpson out for a meal telling him how much he appreciated his work on Doctor Who but that it would no longer be required as he intended to have the BBC Radiophonic Workshop provide music from now on. Simpson's last broadcast work on Doctor Who was for The Horns of Nimon

Between 1964 and 1980, Simpson composed the music for 60 Doctor Who stories, (61 counting Shada).

Talfryn Thomas (died 1982 aged 60) - 2 credits, including Dave in The Green Death

Talfryn Thomas was a British character actor, best known for supporting roles on British television in the 1970s.

Talfryn Thomas was born in Swansea.

He excelled at playing quirky and sometimes seedy Welshmen. His distinctive appearance was enhanced by his protruding front teeth, which earned him the nickname 'Talf The Teef'. Thomas was a regular on Ken Dodd's BBC radio comedy show and The Ken Dodd Laughter Show, with Rita Webb and Pat Ashton; but he is probably best remembered (and most criticized) for his role as Private Cheeseman, a member of the Home Guard in later episodes of Dad's Army. In 1975 he featured in several episodes of the first series of the cult BBC TV series Survivors as Tom Price. He also appeared with Jon Pertwee in the Doctor Who serials Spearhead from SpaceThe Green Death and with Roger Moore in The Saint.

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