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On This Day (USA) - 16 December

The Ice Warriors: Six premiered on BBC One in 1967 at 5:24pm GMT, watched by 7.50 million viewers.

The Ice Warriors invade the human's base, and it is up to the Doctor to repel them. Using the ioniser is the only way to defeat the Martians, but to do so could have consequences.

Doctor Who and the Daleks in Seven Keys To Doomsday premiered on UK Performances (Adelphi Theatre, London) in 1974 at 7:30pm GMT

The Androids of Tara: Part Four premiered on BBC One in 1978 at 6:19pm GMT, watched by 9.00 million viewers.

Doctor Who Greatest Moments: Hostile Humans premiered on BBC Three in 2009 at 7:54pm GMT, watched by 0.31 million viewers.
Not all Doctor Who enemies are from lands far away - some are born of our own planet and often cause the Doctor the most trouble.

David Tennant, Mark Gatiss and other key cast members take a trip down enemy lane and give their thoughts on Doctor Who's most hostile humans.

Narrated by Jo Whiley.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks: The Doctor Who Special premiered on BBC2 in 2009 at 10:00pm GMT, watched by 3.72 million viewers.
David Tennant hosts a special Dr Who-themed show with team captains Phill Jupitus and Noel Fielding. Guests include Dr Who stars Bernard Cribbins and Catherine Tate, plus platinum-selling jazz artist Jamie Cullum and Radio 1's Jo Whiley.

Miscellaneous Radio Interviews: Marc Riley: The BBC Radiophonic Workshop premiered on BBC 6 Music in 2013 at 7:00pm GMT

BBC Radiophonic Workshop return to their spiritual home Maida Vale for their set tonight. How excited do you think Marc is over this live session from these true legends?

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, set up in 1958, it as originally created as a sound effects unit for BBC Radio and TV programs. Pioneering new forms of drama during the late 1950s and early 60s demanded innovative and original use of music and sound which they'll be bringing to our show tonight - Yes.

If you needed a bit more of a tease - yip they'll be doing a re working of the Dr Who theme.

The team (left to right):- Peter Howell, Roger Limb, Kieron Pepper, Mark Ayres, Dick Mills, Paddy Kingsland.

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show: Jenna Coleman premiered on BBC Radio 1 in 2014 at 7:45am GMT
Jenna Coleman chats about the Christmas episode of Doctor Who!

Scott Bailey will be 43 - credited as Father in Children Of Earth: Day One(TW)

Scott Bailey  is an American actor. He is known for playing Sandy Foster on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light and Roman Martin on the MyNetworkTV limited-run serial Saints & Sinners.

Bailey joined Guiding Light in August 2003 as Sandy Foster (and his radio's alter ego "The Mole"), and played the part until March 2006, when he chose not to renew his contract and his character was killed off. He also had a brief run on the MTV series Undressed, where he played Stan during the show's third season. He most recently played two roles the CW4Kids seriesKamen Rider Dragon Knight; James Trademore a.k.a. JTC, a human villain, and his heroic Ventaran double Price. Both were able to transform into Kamen Rider Strike.

Bailey was born in Florissant, Missouri. He earned a degree in mechanical engineering from New Mexico State University where he was a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and once worked for the U.S. Department of Energy. He began pursuing acting while working on his doctoral degree at UCLA.

Ashley Way will be 50 - 14 credits, including Director for The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood

Ashley Way  is a film and television director born in CardiffWales

He has directed episodes of Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Alistair Fullarton (died 1988 aged 37) would be 71 - credited as Dancer in The Masque of Mandragora

Alistair Fullarton played a Dancer in DW: The Masque of Mandragora.

Richard Ireson will be 75 - 2 credits, including Axus in The Krotons

Richard Ireson appeared in two Doctor Who stories: as a soldier in The Mind Robber and Axus in The Krotons.

Also worked on Woof!Between the LinesSharpe's RiflesInspector MorseLove HurtsAgatha Christie: PoirotChancerThe Object of BeautySpenderChicago Joe and the ShowgirlBlood Royal: William the ConquerorThe Nineteenth HoleChristabelEastEndersLondon's BurningClosing RanksRockliffe's BabiesThe New StatesmanStar CopsHidden CityPrick Up Your EarsScreen TwoOut of OrderThe Monocled MutineerHold the Back PageTravelling ManJuliet BravoCharlieMinderScandalousCrown CourtJohnny JarvisThe Nation's HealthReilly: Ace of SpiesFive-Minute FilmsBBC2 PlayhouseBird of PreyTiny RevolutionsThe New AvengersHere I Stand...Softly Softly: Task ForcePlay for TodayBill BrandPlays for BritainSoldier and MeZ CarsThe Hole in the WallThe Onedin LineThe Darwin AdventureAdvent of SteamDr. Finlay's Casebook

Ronald Allen (died 1991 aged 60) would be 91 - 2 credits, including Ralph Cornish in The Ambassadors of Death

Ronald Allen was an English character actor who achieved the status of a soap opera star.

Allen was born in ReadingBerkshire. He studied at Leighton Park School in Reading and trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London, worked in repertory theatre, had a season at the Old Vic, London and made several films, including the classic about the sinking of the Titanic A Night to Remember (1958).

After roles in the BBC soaps Compact (1963-64) and United! (1966-67) came his best remembered famous role, in the long-running Crossroads (1969-85). Allen played David Hunter, who was a shareholder of the Crossroads Motel with Meg Mortimer, Tish Hope and Bernard Booth. He also twice appeared as a lead actor in the science fiction programme Doctor Who, in the storiesThe Dominators (1968) and The Ambassadors of Death (1970).

Allen also made a number of guest appearances in The Comic Strip Presents. In the first episode, Five Go Mad in Dorset (1982), which spoofed Enid Blyton's The Famous Five stories, he makes a surprise appearance as Uncle Quentin; deliberately sending up his staid image, he most memorably told The Famous Five, "Your Aunt Fanny is an unrelenting nymphomaniac – and I am a screaming homosexual". (The show's TV Times entry had listed him as "Surprise Guest"). Allen reprised the role in the sequel Five Go Mad on Mescalin (1983), and also appeared inSouth Atlantic Raiders Part 2 (1990), The Strike (1988) and Oxford (1990), in addition to the feature film The Supergrass (1985). There was much comic mileage to be gained from Allen sending up his conservative image. In a 1987 interview, he said that he was approached by a very intimidating-looking punk. He shook his hand and said, "I thought you were really cool in The Supergrass". Then, as he was about to walk away, he turned back and said, almost apologetically, "I loved you in Crossroads too!"

Other roles included television's The Adventures of Robin Hood (1957), Danger Man (1960, 1961), Bergerac (1990) and The Avengers (1964).

Allen lived for many years with the actor Brian Hankins, who also appeared in Crossroads. He was also very close friends with his co-star and on-screen wife, Sue Lloyd. When the British media started to intrude into their private lives, they made it known they were a couple. After Allen was told that his cancer was terminal, they married. He died three months later, aged 56 or 60.

Biography from the Wikipedia article, licensed under CC-BY-SA

Nicholas Courtney (died 2011 aged 81) would be 92 - 48 credits, including Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in The Three Doctors
Born in Egypt, Nicholas Courtney spent his childhood and education in a variety of places - his father serving in the diplomatic service - before entering the Webber Douglas School of Singing and Dramatic Art after completing his National Service in 1950. He then entered rep in 1952 - his first job being actor/ASM in Cromer! - before a move to London brought him to the world of television.
His first appearance in this media was as a Warrant Officer in the 1957 series Escape, followed by playing King Charles II in Looking About and Mark Norman in an episode of No Hiding Place. He was then to appear throughout the 1960s in shows like Callan and Sword of Honour, as well as popular fantasy genre titles like The Saint, The Champions, The Avengers, and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (alongside Master-to-be, Roger Delgado).His first brush with Doctor Who was to be as Space Security Agent Bret Vyon in the First Doctor epic The Daleks' Master Plan. For Doctor Who fans, of course, he will always be remembered as UNIT stalwart Lethbridge-Stewart. Originally slated to play Captain Knight in the Second Doctor adventure The Web Of Fear, he was 'promoted' to the role of Colonel by director Douglas Camfield when original actor David Langton pulled out, and returned a year as a newly promoted Brigadier in The Invasion, a role he was to become associated with for over forty years! Appearing as one of the main characters throughout the Third Doctor's incarnation as the UK head of UNIT, he was then to appear with every other classic series Doctor, both during the television show's original run and through the Big Finish audio adventures. Name-checked a number of times in the revived series of Doctor Who, Sir Alistair was to eventually return in the spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures in 2008 - the actor being re-united with 70s co-star Elisabeth Sladen.Work continued after his departure from Doctor Who, appearing in shows such as All Creatures Great And Small and Sink or Swim (both alongside Fifth Doctor Peter Davison), Shelley, Yes, Prime Minister and Only Fools and Horses; he also played Lt. Col. Robert Witherton in 1993's Then Churchill Said to Me. More recently, he appeared in popular shows like The Bill, Doctors, and Casualty. In 2008 he played the Archbishop of Canterbury in Incendiary.In 1997, he became the Honorary President of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, a position he was very proud to hold.
There have been two autobiographies on his life, Five Rounds Rapid! in 1998 and Still Getting Away With It in 2005; his memoirs were also released by Big Finish as A Soldier In Time in 2002.He is survived by his wife Karen, his son Philip and daughter Bella.

Alfred Lynch (died 2003 aged 72) - credited as Commander Millington in The Curse of Fenric

Alfred Lynch was an English actor on stage, film and television.

He played Commander Millington in the Doctor Who serial The Curse of Fenric.

In 1958 he joined the Royal Court Theatre and acted in a number of plays. After 1960 his career moved more into film and television, for example appearing with Sean Connery in the 1961 film On the Fiddle and the 1965 film The Hill. He also appeared in the 1968 adaptation of The Sea Gull, and the 1990 film The Krays. Some of his later television credits include reading children's stories on Jackanory, Manhunt, Going Straight. Pie In The Sky and the Doctor Who serial The Curse of Fenric as Commander Millington.

Leon Eagles (died 1997 aged 65) - credited as Jabel in The Face of Evil

Leon Eagles played Jabel in the Doctor Who story The Face of Evil.

Tony Then (died 1995 aged 51) - credited as Lee in The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Tony Then played Lee in the 1977 Doctor Who story The Talons of Weng-Chiang.