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Episode TitleDateTimeLengthRatingShare⇧ AIChart
101The Sea Devils: Episode SixSat1 Apr 19725:51pm00:25:248.50m47
102Colony In Space: Episode TwoSat17 Apr 19716:12pm00:22:438.50m28
103Genesis of the Daleks: Part ThreeSat22 Mar 19755:30pm00:22:388.50m42
104The Sun Makers: Part OneSat26 Nov 19776:07pm00:24:598.50m48
105The Androids of Tara: Part OneSat25 Nov 19786:22pm00:24:538.50m45
106Kinda: Part ThreeMon8 Feb 19826:56pm00:24:178.50m67
107Time-Flight: Part TwoTue23 Mar 19827:05pm00:23:588.50m48
108The Invisible Enemy: Part OneSat1 Oct 19776:20pm00:23:098.60m40
109The Stones of Blood: Part OneSat28 Oct 19786:24pm00:24:208.60m38
110The Armageddon Factor: Part FourSat10 Feb 19796:27pm00:25:098.60m60
111The Armageddon Factor: Part FiveSat17 Feb 19796:26pm00:24:428.60m66
112Castrovalva: Part TwoTue5 Jan 19827:02pm00:24:138.60m84
113Colony In Space: Episode SixSat15 May 19716:12pm00:25:228.70m23
114Nightmare of Eden: Part OneSat24 Nov 19796:01pm00:24:178.70m41
115The Three Doctors: Episode ThreeSat13 Jan 19735:51pm00:24:228.80m44
116Colony In Space: Episode FiveSat8 May 19716:13pm00:25:228.80m23
117The Mind of Evil: Episode TwoSat6 Feb 19715:14pm00:24:318.80m54
118The Armageddon Factor: Part TwoSat27 Jan 19796:27pm00:23:568.80m49
119The Horns of Nimon: Part TwoSat29 Dec 19795:54pm00:25:008.80m56
120Four To Doomsday: Part TwoTue19 Jan 19827:05pm00:24:118.80m61
121Four To Doomsday: Part ThreeMon25 Jan 19826:56pm00:24:098.80m63
122Earthshock: Part TwoTue9 Mar 19827:05pm00:24:238.80m50
123Frontier In Space: Episode SixSat31 Mar 19735:52pm00:24:448.90m40
124Revenge of the Cybermen: Part ThreeSat3 May 19755:50pm00:24:328.90m25
125The Sun Makers: Part ThreeSat10 Dec 19776:05pm00:24:578.90m35
126Underworld: Part ThreeSat21 Jan 19786:30pm00:22:218.90m37
127The Androids of Tara: Part ThreeSat9 Dec 19786:21pm00:23:528.90m38
128The Power of Kroll: Part ThreeSat6 Jan 19796:27pm00:21:568.90m51
129Kinda: Part FourTue9 Feb 19827:05pm00:24:288.90m56
130Time-Flight: Part ThreeMon29 Mar 19826:56pm00:24:298.90m46
131Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Part FiveSat9 Feb 19745:29pm00:24:309.00m23
132Frontier In Space: Episode OneSat24 Feb 19735:51pm00:23:279.10m32
133The Mutants: Episode OneSat8 Apr 19725:51pm00:24:259.10m29
134Day of the Daleks: Episode FourSat22 Jan 19725:51pm00:24:179.10m40
135Day of the Daleks: Episode ThreeSat15 Jan 19725:50pm00:24:189.10m38
136Underworld: Part TwoSat14 Jan 19786:26pm00:21:279.10m37
137Castrovalva: Part OneMon4 Jan 19826:56pm00:24:149.10m54
138The Visitation: Part OneMon15 Feb 19826:57pm00:24:119.10m54
139Earthshock: Part OneMon8 Mar 19826:56pm00:24:229.10m45
140The Green Death: Episode OneSat19 May 19735:51pm00:25:559.20m18
141The Dæmons: Episode OneSat22 May 19716:16pm00:25:059.20m26
142The Monster of Peladon: Part OneSat23 Mar 19745:30pm00:24:599.20m23
143Planet of the Spiders: Part FiveSat1 Jun 19745:36pm00:24:019.20m19
144The Masque of Mandragora: Part ThreeSat18 Sep 19766:11pm00:24:349.20m29
145The Brain of Morbius: Part TwoSat10 Jan 19765:47pm00:24:469.30m32
146The Stones of Blood: Part ThreeSat11 Nov 19786:21pm00:24:279.30m38
147The Creature from the Pit: Part OneSat27 Oct 19796:02pm00:23:329.30m43
148The Visitation: Part TwoTue16 Feb 19827:05pm00:24:269.30m48
149The Ark In Space: Part OneSat25 Jan 19755:36pm00:24:589.40m27
150Pyramids of Mars: Part ThreeSat8 Nov 19755:46pm00:24:329.40m37
151Four To Doomsday: Part FourTue26 Jan 19827:06pm00:24:539.40m53
152Kinda: Part TwoTue2 Feb 19827:04pm00:24:589.40m45
153Colony In Space: Episode ThreeSat24 Apr 19716:13pm00:24:479.50m26
154Death to the Daleks: Part TwoSat2 Mar 19745:29pm00:24:259.50m30
155The Brain of Morbius: Part OneSat3 Jan 19765:56pm00:25:259.50m30
156The Invasion of Time: Part ThreeSat18 Feb 19786:24pm00:25:009.50m47
157The Three Doctors: Episode OneSat30 Dec 19725:51pm00:24:399.60m41
158The Creature from the Pit: Part FourSat17 Nov 19796:03pm00:24:079.60m36
159Nightmare of Eden: Part TwoSat1 Dec 19796:04pm00:22:449.60m31
160Nightmare of Eden: Part ThreeSat8 Dec 19796:03pm00:24:069.60m32
161Earthshock: Part FourTue16 Mar 19827:03pm00:24:289.60m40
162Planet of the Daleks: Episode FiveSat5 May 19735:51pm00:22:319.70m21
163The Sea Devils: Episode TwoSat4 Mar 19725:52pm00:24:309.70m26
164Day of the Daleks: Episode OneSat1 Jan 19725:52pm00:23:369.80m36
165The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part TwoSat5 Mar 19776:37pm00:24:269.80m28
166The Invasion of Time: Part SixSat11 Mar 19786:25pm00:25:549.80m35
167The Horns of Nimon: Part ThreeSat5 Jan 19806:21pm00:23:269.80m40
168Earthshock: Part ThreeMon15 Mar 19826:57pm00:24:249.80m32
169Planet of Evil: Part TwoSat4 Oct 19755:46pm00:22:309.90m24
170The Seeds of Doom: Part FiveSat28 Feb 19765:47pm00:25:069.90m26
171The Visitation: Part ThreeMon22 Feb 19826:57pm00:24:249.90m41
172Black Orchid: Part OneMon1 Mar 19826:56pm00:24:569.90m57
173Time-Flight: Part OneMon22 Mar 19826:57pm00:24:5610.00m26
174Planet of the Daleks: Episode ThreeSat21 Apr 19735:53pm00:22:3410.10m29
175Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Part TwoSat19 Jan 19745:30pm00:24:4310.10m26
176Robot: Part ThreeSat11 Jan 19755:30pm00:24:2910.10m22
177The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part FiveSat26 Mar 19776:30pm00:24:4910.10m18
178The Visitation: Part FourTue23 Feb 19827:05pm00:23:3210.10m40
179Black Orchid: Part TwoTue2 Mar 19827:04pm00:24:4110.10m55
180The Ark In Space: Part FourSat15 Feb 19755:31pm00:24:3710.20m24
181The Brain of Morbius: Part FourSat24 Jan 19765:55pm00:24:1810.20m28
182The Hand Of Fear: Part TwoSat9 Oct 19765:50pm00:24:4810.20m29
183The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Part ThreeSat12 Mar 19776:31pm00:21:5610.20m22
184The Creature from the Pit: Part ThreeSat10 Nov 19796:02pm00:23:5510.20m36
185Castrovalva: Part ThreeMon11 Jan 19826:55pm00:23:3510.20m47
186Carnival Of Monsters: Episode OneSat27 Jan 19735:49pm00:24:4610.30m36
187The Curse of Peladon: Episode OneSat29 Jan 19725:51pm00:24:3210.30m36
188The Seeds of Doom: Part ThreeSat14 Feb 19765:56pm00:24:5110.30m32
189The Invasion of Time: Part FiveSat4 Mar 19786:26pm00:25:0010.30m32
190Day of the Daleks: Episode TwoSat8 Jan 19725:53pm00:23:5210.40m29
191Castrovalva: Part FourTue12 Jan 19827:05pm00:24:1210.40m46
192Pyramids of Mars: Part OneSat25 Oct 19755:47pm00:25:2210.50m28
193The Hand Of Fear: Part OneSat2 Oct 19766:11pm00:24:5010.50m24
194Planet of the Daleks: Episode TwoSat14 Apr 19735:53pm00:24:0810.70m18
195Genesis of the Daleks: Part OneSat8 Mar 19755:30pm00:24:2010.70m23
196The Three Doctors: Episode TwoSat6 Jan 19735:51pm00:24:1810.80m22
197The Invasion of Time: Part FourSat25 Feb 19786:25pm00:23:3110.90m28
198Planet of the Daleks: Episode OneSat7 Apr 19736:11pm00:24:5111.00m9
199Carnival Of Monsters: Episode TwoSat3 Feb 19735:50pm00:24:1111.00m20
200The Curse of Peladon: Episode TwoSat5 Feb 19725:51pm00:24:3311.00m20